The most Dangerous Tree in the World, resides in Florida

Just 'great' !
If the venomous snakes, Trumpers, gators, fire ants, anti-vaccers, sharks, horrible governor decisions, moray eels, and gun toting residents don't get you, Florida has a tree that can.

Yesterday from Newsweek;
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Got a favor to ask. Could you please have a taste of those fruits and tell us what it tastes like, so we all know and can then diligently avoid them? Thanks, and let us know how it goes!

Thanks for identifying what type of person you are to the online world. thumbs down
Gee what a lovely plant! Makes one wonder why they havent taken over since no enemies. They can just stay in Florida! I stick to my poison ivy..which I am not allergic to!thumbs up
Yeah, poison ivy is a delight compared to that tree.

I do get poison ivy, but nowhere near as bad as some people.
Plus, I learned from a landscaper, the way to keep poison ivy
from spreading on you. Scratch it to break open the blisters.
Soak up as much of the resultant liquid with a napkin.
Throw that away and then use liquid bleach on the area.
It instantly relieves the itch and the area dries up without additional blisters or itching.
The key is to do this early before it spreads a lot.
Being a staunch Republican, I've grown more than a little weary of you calling me all sorts of names through your vile and prejudiced attacks on us Republicans, whether we supported President Trump or not, but especially those that support(ed) President Trump.

Just returning the favor. You really should learn to be nice, but it seems to go against your nature.

I've repeatedly asked CS to stop your prejudicial lies and attacks on us, to no avail. Freedom of Speech is one thing, lies and defamation are quite another.

Again, you really should learn to be nice, and non-prejudicial to those of us that just may have a different opinion than you do. When you continuously sow the seeds of strife, don't act surprised that it comes back to you in the same form.

Oh, you mean the "basket of deplorables" and the easily duped.
Jim, Are you in Kenosha Wi. ?
In case there are other people, who are clueless as to where I am, it is just to the right of my picture at the top of the blog.

From now on, all comments must be on topic of the toxic tree in Florida,
or they will deleted. I have neither the time, nor the inclination to waste time on idiots. head banger
Jim, if you cut open that fruit, you'll see an image of Trumplaugh
Is the interior of the fruit orange-colored? (I'm not game to try one myself).......laugh
Well, shoot Jim, I guess you better not come to Florida anymore for the winter. Most of we Floridians really did get the vaccine...especially, since it is the place that so many come to retire.

I am enjoying the nice weather..nothing beats the lower humidity now.

Many years ago, I went on a field trip with one of my children to the Everglades. Thank goodness, I wasn’t one of the parents who had to ride on the bus. Many of the children got sick on the way home. I had a much nicer smelling ride home in my car.

It was a fun and educating experience...lots of history and great wildlife to observe.
Florida in the winter has wonderful weather. The rest of the year; not so much.
Summer especially is like walking into an oven, when you go outside.
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