An interesting sideline on China blocking Australian coal entry - Urea shortage in Korea

In a conversational English lesson with a South Korean executive today after discussing the discovery of Japanese letters about the 1895 assassination of the Korean Empress Myeongseong, 'M' mentioned the critical urea shortage in Sth.Korea, saying that Korean people blamed Australia for blocking coal exports to China (whereas of course it is China blocking entry of Australian coal ships into Chinese ports). To use two expressions, China shooting itself in the foot, and Koreans getting the wrong end of the stick.
The things you learn when teaching. Coal, Urea and Diesel. 'M' tells me the queues for urea are now longer than they ever were for masks, vaccines and tests. Well 'whaddya know!?'
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"Coal". During WW1 and WW2 New Zealand had premium coal and I can't quite remember what name it was but it was worth more than gold during those times and it still is. (Pike River)

Fast forward to 2021, because of this "green world" and Co2 farce.......we now import inferior coal from Indonesia whilst pretending to be 'green'. NZ as is OZ is natural in resources and are slim pickings for the UN.

As far as Korea goes. Are you talking about North or South? Tae Kwon Do is a minor part to play but what's important is where, why and whom started it.

Just tennents, that's all.....:courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit
General Choi.

"""Conversational English lesson""""???????

It says South Korea in the first sentence. North Korea doesn't provide internet generally. Conversational English - speaking listening plus some reading, occasionally proofreading. Not formal English lessons. I've done around 10,000 hours with 1000 students. I have been speaking with this particular 'student' for about 5 years, and about 250 hours. There are a few significant platforms for language exchange, and I also study Chinese on the one I use for teaching. I happened to come across the history of the Japanese assassination of the Empress very recently, with a Korean student ironically doing a masters in Japanese history in an American university.
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