The intolerant anti-left - the thoughtless use of labels

Left, right, commie, socialist, fascist, nationalist ... why do people insist on rubbish labels?
There's a guy here who speaks of commie grubs, isn't there?
Is it childish? Well to me it is.
I have opinions and beliefs. Strong and thoughtful. And yet 'you' 'some of you' 'many of you' want to translate that system of beliefs into a word like 'commie' or 'fascist'. Pretty simplistic isn't it.

Looking at some historic documents today and seeing how they were 'sealed' with stamps or 'chops' - not just Asian but European too - I wondered whether I should be QR-coded so I could be scanned for thought control, rather 1984 isn't it!
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I don't think left and right are rubbish labels. They're more polite than to say workshy freeloader and tightfisted cockmuncher
CC, haha. you're a good one
@CC well there you go, you just add to the stereotypes! And what use is that? The other responder likes to deal in cliches and stereotypes too. You (two) think the labels useful, well there you are, you establish your intelligence and thoughtfulness. So pray tell me which of those labels belong to the 'dont want to work'ers and shirkers? Creepy crypto comes in to add her 0.00002 cents worth too I see. She says nothing of significance as usual - marginally less than you, but is equally incomprehensible.
write another poem
eYe see you need sum sonic vibes in your TV land
..El president / drug $tore
Black market music / Placebo
No Hope / the Vaccines..

It's called $CIENTER...
..your friends call it PET ROCK THEORY.

McBob calls it ball point, blunt force physics.
@ag ah the one I never never read - on principle - has deposited his turgid pigeonesque droppings here - well thank you for your contribution (I guess)
When people speak crap
how to respond?
To respond perhaps
equates to being a sap.
A principle might be
as I suggested elsewhere
silence or speech - decide.
Lost are stare or glare
Unthinking twits care
not for what you say.
Ah, there's the conundrum
And it leaves me wondrum!
Comprehension is not abundant here.
good doggie
@ fargone …. It is widely known and accepted that people like you who love to write things like this for and on public bathroom walls are really disgruntled teachers and crude poets. wave
There is a president
...there is a pharmacy { id est, drug store
...there is A CDC ..UN / WHO [ ?
And there really is A Vaccine driven windfall profit media hyped $pamdemic.
...just trying to connect dots for you & your tribe of readers..
Red medicine / Fugazi
The Dope $how / Manson
Malpractice suit / 4 out of 5 Doctors
..A R ] cause of Death / Obituary.
Oh! Well known is it? So there is an abundance of knowledgeable people like you who go around saying such trueisms? I have never met such people.
"I have never met such people."
hmmm dunno wave
You have to appreciate then
The unique services of CStepford Institute.
.. bringing us together for Scientiferous well as free style poems of whimzee.
Like you I never been a fan of labels. It tend to limit broad thinking.
Thereby learning.
not all labels are bad
galrads•Nov 18•Dublin, Ohio USA
not all labels are bad

"Exit", comes to mind.... as does others.....
rolling on the floor laughing

The Identity Politics of the Regressive, Illiberal, Bigoteer Control LEFT is as Labeling as can be Imagined ...
Leftist Race Baiting Critical Race Theory (rehashed Marxist Class Baiting Critical Theory) Is Labeling on steroids.

They've thrown Martin Luther King & his Dream of judging INDIVIDUALS by the Content of their Character under the bus -:Persons of Color must conform to their Victimgroup.

To Leftists, King - and the likes of Candace Owens - are Black White Supremacists -
They'll be tearing down King's statues along with those of the US Founders.

They repeatedly call us the left because their left ball keeps falling out of their baggy loose undies
To spout
To shout
To hang out slogans
Belongs to none no one
Leftist Rightist Fascist all can
and will do it
Can shoe it in
When a stereotype is wanted
instead or logic or reason.
But does it
Show wit
Robust fact?
After all it is no more than spout spit and shout.
Avoid baggy loose undies scold Go Commando ... batting

Let the boys be FREEEE ... joyjoy

"trueisms" hmmmmmm

Is that new speak?

I'm just joking here fargo-far fetched but did you do your "due diligence" lol

It's just too funny mate. You're a good bloke. I know you've been to CHCH and believe it or not, you make more sense than Lindy Chamberlain or Bob Hawke the world sculling champ cheers
so an 'e' intrudes and does it make true less a truism? fingers are fingers.
@ yyov

yes what would we do without signage which uses labels...

galrads•Nov 18•Dublin, Ohio USA
not all labels are bad

"Exit", comes to mind.... as does others.....
Fargo you are using names you are not allowed to do so..........................jenny
gee wiz another " do as I say not as I do " blog from one of the "disenfranchised condescending communist professors " .
@epirb 'condescend'? For you a word coincidentally starting with the same three letters 'contempt' is tempting and much closer to the mark.
@bcj using names? Where Where? You just used 'two names' if it comes to that. But if you refer to 'crypto' it is not a name but a prefix as used in cryptography cryptanalysis and cryptocurrency indicating something secret and hidden. Is that what you refer to? tcch tcch tcch - rather silly don't you agree?
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