The Potato Advisory.

Tag. } Ideas to be enjoyed. ) While they remain Legal.

The standard baked potato may be Engineerd into main course status as follows..
Chopped peppers { your choice
Pre sauteed mushrooms
Liberal addition of olive oil
Chopped celery & garlic clove
Pink Himalayan salt.
...drink pairing: Tequila, obviously.

McFunger Option..} just 2 tiny home grown 420 buds
Tossed into the center of said potato w/ butter..
Quickly become Force multipliers in the enjoyment of Flame-- the great jazz LP of 1978.
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And the Joy of Discovery in that LP... that you will forever be undecided as to
Which is the best song in that

The General should host a Learning Annex course called "bachelor survival," with an eye towards something better than TV dinners when there's no immediate prospects of a woman-cooked meal.
Yes, Group Captain, there are pairings out there that other Dee Jays are slow to observe.
... potato. } 0600 variation.
.. cinnamon + olive oil + cayanne & wedge of lemon on the side.
Drink pairing.} French Roast Covfefe, obviously.

Mediterranean Tutorial. } This very popular cuisine can be reduced to this statement : the meal is a conduit for olive oil.
... Standby..) ..
This is your greatest work. Nothing you've done before or will do after will mean anything. Nothing you say or do will have any relevance on the internet.

You still wanna post that picture of a coffee....?
You liked it-- did you !?...hold my potato..
...( By the Numbers. )
And you know .| 1695..) Jewish gematria
I have told you before..) 1695.
Its a love story.. ).." "
The policy : WORK. } ..
Numbered Word of Torah*
Seven Leaves Heal... | 60/p...80/ r... 50./o.... 600/j...5/e....w./900. = 1695
. Original search Term..) . POTATO ADVISORY / 1695.
4872. Moshe. ) from water
3091..yod- hay- wa- sh- ayin. ) Just sayin.
7963. P & Q. } .peace and Quiet.
Now then, guess what super simple breakfast dish goes Gooder with cowboy coffee?

A. } McBob's custom Cinnamon Marble rye toast.
Or Sun- maid raisin toast.
....olive oil & butter*
Cinnamon...+ drizzle of honey & dash of phs.) Pink Himalayan salt.
.*sold together in the big F.
Midnight Creature Feature...{ YouTube.


channel : Alex Kansas.

Music interlude....
..taxes on Farms feeds US../ Cooder
Truth / Washington
That's how heartache is made / baby Washington.
..A R ] Government Plates / Death Grip.
Amerika the Bytch / various....blues
I came for the potato..not sure you could find it under all that delicate stuff.
I'd take mine with plain butter and buds.

I stayed for breakfast .. good choice.. something light.

Now the Midnight Creature Feature!

Who could ask for more..
Straight off the cuff, no funny stuff.
This man knows what he's talking about.
Baked, sliced in half. Cheese, bacon bits. Heat until cheese melts.

Goes well with just about anything, but o-tash's preference is for a glass of you bet Shirazz.

(An Owstrayn table wine, suitable for hand to hand combat).
Hey hey we are [ not ] the Monkees
..& we have sum thing to say..
..per the 1st potato...the Bobster meant
A LARGE RUSSET the course of these musings, my artificial
Goo goo friend now regularly gives me a DAVOS
$tyle food court manifestation of peculiar potato philosophy...
professor ...a potato a day keeps trolls in sick bay.- McCoy, ) the country doctor.
Rate your sense of Humor with the Afternoon Matinee..
Another film by Alex Kansas...

McBob.} Obviously mine is UP there. As eYe dun just advised you CStepford's accordingly....conversing
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