President Kamala Harris

It happened today. President Biden transferred power to VP Harris.

True, that the transfer of power was only temporary, while President Biden
underwent a routine colonoscopy, 85 minutes to be exact.
But, perhaps it will portend a victory in 2024.
Who knows. dunno

It would be terrific if the US finally opened it's collective mind to
elect a woman president. Certainly something for the ladies to celebrate especially.

I think Harris would make a good president. Tough enough to stand against enemies and warm enough to support allies. She may not do as good as Bernie nor Warren on domestic issues, but overall, she'd probably do fine.
I think she would for the most part make good judgements after carefully weighing the information. That's certainly better than what I have seen out of most of the loonie Republican party recently and way better than the worst "co-called" president loser that got voted out in the last election, Mr. Two Time Impeachment.

So, congrats President Harris. No issues during that trial run. head banger grin

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The height of racism and misogyny is nominating someone for a high position simply for the colour of their skin and/or their gender. Harris was never a good or popular pick. She didn't even get a single delegate in the Democrat primaries before dropping out when it was clear she was going to get embarrassed in her own State of California. But unsurprisingly Biden selected her to 'tick a box'. 'Oh look, we picked a non-white, female VP. How progressive of us!'. It's all about the virtue signal. It's all identity politics. Nothing about what's right for the country.
You & your buddy Banger the Arthritic
..have medical issues... beginning with Myopia.
I didn't like Harris from the start. There were better candidates. She was a very good prosecutor in the private sector but as V.P. she comes across as being phony. I think Biden picked her because she was very good friends with his son who died of brain cancer. Perhaps Biden thought he was in debt to her for supporting his son through his illness. God forbid that Biden died she would become president. People would see through her then. I doubt she would have a chance if she ran for president.
Well congrats on a whole blog without copy paste.
Those I can read thumbs up

I think she will not be worse than Biden.
I think she is good looking.
Hmm what else positive.... no can't think of any.
Hope she will laugh as little as possible,
while serving her walle... eh.. country.
Boy they flattered up that picture and made her way prettier than she is.

I was disappointed she didn't go all the way to the border in person to see that chaos. sigh
Just imagine Kamaltoe as president while N Korea or Iran is sending nuclear missiles for a test run to Israel or the US? Would she just cackle and laugh to say "oh my! Lions, tigers, and bears what color of outfit should I wear?

She may be cute to look at but, cuteness doesn't make policy when it's time to protect the interest of America. Political correctness and social agenda don't mean anything to virus cells or a terrorist cells
It cracks me up. laugh
All the negativity about Kamala Harris and not even one negative word about the worst US president in our lifetime (Trump) out of any of you for the last 5 years.
Never any negativity about the 2 impeachments, the emoluments violations, the huge tax breaks for the rich, the insurrection, the 40,000 lies, the quid pro quo, or any of his Twitter trolling. Nope.
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