Kyle Rittenhouse NOT GUILTY

A breakdown of the Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty verdict
Count 1: First Degree Reckless Homicide - Not Guilty

Count 2: First Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety - Not Guilty

Count 3: First Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety - Not Guilty

Count 4: First Degree Intentional Homicide - Not Guilty

Count 5: Attempted First Degree Intentional Homicide - Not Guilty

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All over bar the shouting .
Woo hoo. ! .....angel
Guess now the Biden DOJ will come up with a few dozen bogus "Federal Charges"!mumbling
It's the right verdict. He acted in self defense. Much of the media and various politicians (including Biden who slandered the teenager Rittenhouse as a white supremacist) were disgraceful. The prosecutors likewise were dishonest, deceitful and disrespectful of procedure. Sadly, there will no doubt be rioting and destruction in the aftermath of this verdict. This is what the Democrat Party - and much of the corporate media - have become: facilitators of chaos. It's all about politicial narratives. It's all about power. God bless the U.S.A.

And if you're of a mind, say a prayer for more peaceful times
We'll see if it stays calm or if Black Friday shopping starts early....personally I'm preparing for the latter. Chicago police have had any days off taken away for now anyway so we'll see how it goes.
Black Friday early lol very happy
We'll see tonight if the looting and rioting least with looting someone will get something out of it as opposed to burning the whole place down dunno
LOL yeah they may get shot

It is not all over a bar shooting. When the cops shot Jacob Blake in the back seven times rioting and protesting happened. This little creep took his big boy gun to Kenosha and thought he would stop people from burning buildings.

Kyle - and others - went to protect the community because local elected leaders abdicated their responsibility to protect their citizens and establish order. The same happened in various different States, where (predominantly Democrat) elected leaders ceded authority to the mob,resulting in arson, looting, destruction, violence and death (i believe over 30 people died during weeks of rioting. Hundreds seriously injured). You also had some elected officials openly calling for unrest in the midst of it all. I believe Kamala Harris helped bail out rioters. What happened with Kyle - on the 3rd night of rioting in Kenosha - was a sadly predictable result of everything that transpired. Now should be the time to learn from it.
Definitely the right verdicts. wave it was smart they put the defendant on the stand.

From the moment they said that Rittenhouse chased someone down, I knew the prosecutor was corrupt. So many lies from the prosecution.

Justice prevails….

Count 1: First Degree Reckless Homicide - Not Guilty

Count 2: First Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety - Not Guilty

Count 3: First Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety - Not Guilty

Count 4: First Degree Intentional Homicide - Not Guilty

Count 5: Attempted First Degree Intentional Homicide - Not Guilty
Kyle Rittenhouse has been found NOT GUILTY on all charges. He's a free man.
Never forget that Facebook censored posts simply saying he acted in self defense in the aftermath of the incident.
GoFundMe banned him from fundraising for his defense.
The media, members of Congress, and celebrities slandered him as a "white supremacist" and a "mass murderer."
All while calling the people who attacked him and tried to kill him the "heroes."
I will not forget and I am sure everyone else will especially remember how the left, potus and media treated in the midterm elections.

These groups believe the protestors antifa and blm have a right to be there and riot but Kyle had no right being there. I hope kenosha doesn't see more violence over these proper verdicts.

Never believe that someone else can’t kill you with their skateboard.
16 min ago
Biden reacts to Rittenhouse verdict: "The jury system works and we have to abide by it"

Half brother is a Republican

Jim's ^^^^^^^^^^^^

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Joy is one nasty Customer,and a lying instigating Cad!
How did she ever got named JOY?laugh
Legal Expert But Explains The Rittenhouse Verdict ...
Worst is Race got nothing to do with Kyle, nothing to do with fairness, protests
or even riots etc. The colored people is being used by white hooligans who in turn is
'sent out' (willingly) as footsoldiers on behalf of some persons... higher up.
That's what it looks like.
And plenty of liberals support this, but many, mind you.. do not!
it's time for young rittenhouse to start his defamation of character lawsuits i think. start bankrupting these worthless news agencies and stations, I'm certain reporting will eventually start to become more honest. then people will start to understand the crookedness of the left and it's enablers much better.

Sandmann thinks Rittenhouse should sue Luegenpresse for defamation

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Not following any of this psychodrama on TV..
..was therefore not the least $urprised to be informed by Buck & Hannity of how the M$M went after this guy....
Just like they did to Goldwater in '64
And McCarthy even earlier.

I am on Record here : the 2 institutions wrecking the most havoc- most of the Time- since Uncle Abe
Are Yale & Harvard Law. Dishonorable mention to Columbia & Georgetown.
I will not comment on the verdict...the jury did their job.

It is a sad day in this country...that law officials did not protect the public from the riots and many lost their lives and business and livelihoods.

Many in the mainstream media...are no better than the paparazzi..when they followed the bus the jurors were being transported in.

Integrity is gone on both sides.
Justice was served! thumbs up
Heard On Midnight News -
"It's overwhelmingly peaceful in Kenosha ... " ... very happy

It is said that "an armed society is a polite society," meaning that in the Old West and the Western form of commoner Chivalry ("the Cowboy Way") acting like Antifa or BLM would have consequences.

Even Scripture counsels to raise the child up right (not sparring the rod, when necessary ), and as they grow, they shall not depart from it.

Some decades back, under Dr. Spock and others, conventional parental discipline came to be outlawed. Children, without leavening discipline, became rebellious adults.

We have entire cohorts of society, raised without discipline, self-centered, greedy, violent and unprincipled. They had people like this before the Flood, and in the Cities of the Plain (Sodom, Gomorrah, etc..), known as "the Worthless Ones."

And 2 Timothy 3 tells of their return.

While I would not have brought a long gun to a demonstration, young Kyle underestimated these Worthless ones.

I would venture to guess that he thought that the intimidation factor would dissuade looting and burning, as the armed Korean shopkeepers had done to rioters during the Rodney King riots.

BLM /ANTIFA, are specially selected, highly dysfunctional people, deployed as disposable thugs for the Deep State (look up a GLADIO political destabilization operation).

The Worthless Ones essentially called Kyles' bluff, knowing that the law abiding will hesitate as they close to striking distance.

Anyone trained in CCW knows that an attacking dog or a knife-wielding, idiot strung out on Crack or Bath Salts can close the distance very quickly.

If you bring that weapon out, you must be prepared to use it.

Kyle got lucky, twice.

If you allow your assailant within 10' it's not *your* gun.

It's *the* gun.
We know how the media love to deny the context of everything, punishing those who behave according to the reality. Hopefully the lad gets to lead a normal life.
If the laws gun ones that is was different this would not have happened.

Is it not manslaughter when someone is killed accidentally????

Just saying thats all
Few Americans seem to see anything wrong in a 17 year old being able to go around with a powerful weapon like that. If he does then tragedy can't be far away. You have to be 21 in America to drink I believe but a 17 year old can carry a gun?....dysfunctional.

He should never have gone near that protest, either armed or unarmed. It wasn't his job to police a demonstration, that's what you have cops for. I know you'll say the police weren't doing their job but if they aren't then you address that issue through the normal route.
Two people are dead and that kid is being treated as a hero. I wouldn't want to see him spend the rest of his life in jail but it's wrong that he has escaped punishment. It should have been manslaughter.
Couple things:

First, under these facts, which law applies?

Answer: Wisconsin Statute 939.48 - Self Defense and Defense of Others.

Second: how does this statute apply to these facts?

A person may use deadly force in self defense or defense of another, if they hold a reasonable belief that they are in danger of imminent death or serious bodily harm.

They cannot make a claim of self defense if they are the aggressor or are engaged in illegal conduct.

However, even the initial aggressor can regain the defense of self defense if they make clear that they are disengaging and retreating.

Third: Wisconsin self-defense law is an in-between jurisdiction. It does not require a Duty to Retreat, such as found in the laws of New York City at the time when Bernie Goetz was on trial. But neither does it have a Stand Your Ground law, such as in Florida, which provides that if you are where you legally may be, not necessarily in your own home, and threatened with imminent death or serious bodily harm, you may use deadly force in self defense or defense of another.

A good example was an attempted mass public shooting in a church, which was stopped short by an armed parishioner.

Wisconsin does however, have the Castle Doctrine which provides for self defense in your own home. But Rittenhouse was not in his own home, so that would not apply.

Still, basic self defense law would apply.

Rittenhouse was lawfully engaged in whatever activity he was engaged in at the time he was attacked. He retreated and was attacked by multiple assailants.

Each assailant would be evaluated for whether they were the aggressor and it was a case of victim- precipitated homicide / a lawful use of defensive lethal force.

These assailants were attacking Rittenhouse violently despite his retreat.

Having a long gun in public was not sufficient provocation permitting them to attack Rittenhouse.

This entire analysis should have taken the average red-blooded individual about .03 seconds to figure out.

You physically attack someone with a weapon you are an incredibly stupid person.

Play stupid games.

Win stupid prizes.
If there are guilty parties they are the following :

- the assailant punks. They messed with the bull, got the horns, and the Darwin Award for attacking someone with a loaded weapon.

File each case under: duh.

- the Leftist puppetmasters, such as Soros, and every Community Organizer, trainer, facilitator, funder, transporter, those who'd said beforehand, "go ahead and riot, attack, burn and pillage, we'll bail you out and defend you in court." (Misprison of felony, aiding and abetting, conspiracy ).

- the mayors and police who stood down and refused to DO THEIR SWORN DUTY TO DEFEND.

The entire premise of gun control laws is "you don't need a gun. Police will protect you." That's simply a LIE. From Benghazi to Berkeley, to Charlottesville, Leftists in power ordered stand-downs to police, allowing Leftist street animals to attack, pillage and burn under the watchful eyes of police -- in exactly the same manner the Brownshirts were allowed to smash windows, burn Jewish shops and beat Jews on Krystalnacht.

These thugs were no better, and no different from the Brownshirts of 1936, aside from the fact that Brownshirts were clean cut and wore snappy uniforms.

-- the prosecutors. These lying filth and vermin perverted the law, brought bogus charges where none were warranted, lied, concealed evidence and for their perversion of justice, should have suffered the full sentence they unjustly sought to impose on the innocent. And pay the high costs they imposed on everyone concerned.
You've got too much faith in the police, Snow, and you'd be the first to admit that you're not a very practical person. If you had your way any man could have his house raided for being single. The time that would take not to mention the lawlessness of doing that, there'd be chaos.
Riot Declared In Portland, Oregon As 200 People Assemble -
Things Remain Relatively Calm ...
Sound thinking.

Conversely -
Chasing someone OBVIOUSLY Armed with an AR 15 (NOT Concealed) for over 200 meters and then Attack him is NOT Smart ...


Woke NBA Is MAD Over Kyle Rittenhouse Not Guilty Verdict! | Jalen Rose Thinks Jacob Blake Is Dead!


Hypothetical question, Y'all -

What might've MOTIVATED the Mob to chase Rittenhouse (OBVIOUSLY Armed with an AR 15) for over 200 meters & then Attack him?

Might it have been to KILL him & ACQUIRE His AR 15 -...
So as to take their "Mostly Peaceful Protest" up a Quantum Level ...
Or simply to Obtain a Rifle with a VERY High Street Value??? ...

Mmmm??? ... dunno

he thwarted their plan to blow up the Gas-station with the burning Dumpster when he extinguished it!
One of the reasons that pissed them off!
Willy -
NBA jocks are Jealous of Klyle's 100% Shot Record ... laugh

Kinda Astonishing -

Shoot into a group of Leftists & hit a Pédophile, Woman Beater & Career Criminal

What are the Odds of THAT Happening??? ... wink

Mic, if we're talking about BLM/ANTIFA, the odds are very high.

Sherman, set the WAYBACK machine to when Leftist instigators were invading the waiting lines of Trump rallies. Attacking people.

PROJECT VERITAS did undercover video interviews of Dem operatives Foval and Cramer(spelling?). They intentionally sought out criminals and lunatics, gave them money and encouragement to assault Trump supporters *hoping* a CCW would off one or viciously beat one, since the method was to get in line very, very early. Have the action guy(s) attack and instigate, while a video crew would be right there to catch the response. The footage of **only** the counterattack would be looped 24/7 to support the shouted meme that Trump supporters were violent, racist, etc...

When they did unmask Antifa, many were homosexual or traanies. (see Louder with Crowder undercover video).

The Antifa-like group By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), had pedo ties.

These are bottomfeeders, selected from the worst of the worst, but ready at any moment to be given Hero / Martyr status like the Brownshirt Horst Wessel, (which became the anthem of the NSDAP).

The parallels to the Brownshirts are nearly identical, right down to a lot of them being p*dophile homosexuals (during the Night of the Long Knives, wherein Hitler removed any rivals for Party leadership, his forces raided Braun Haus, the Brownshirt HQ, and found the leadership in bed with their cukholster boyz.)
what shocked me was Bingo pointing the evidence, an AR15, at the jury, for dramatics. i can promise you, if i was there, "wtf? are you out of your mind?" would have slipped from my lips without thinking
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