Sandmann thinks Rittenhouse should sue Luegenpresse for defamation

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Former Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann – who famously settled a defamation suit against CNN – thinks Kyle Rittenhouse should sue news outlets to "hold the media accountable" after liberal pundits rushed to judgment on his case.

"The parallels between me and Kyle Rittenhouse are impossible not to draw," Sandmann wrote in a column for the Daily Mail in which he directly reached out to lend support. "The way the media has treated you is terrible, and you don't have to face it alone."

The Left LIES. They are pathogical, constant liars.

And that's defamatory. It isn't news, and there is no defense against defamatory lies.


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Kyle should sue the media but 1st and foremost sleepy joe for calling him a white supremacist !
He's a made man.
Like I said earlier today, this isn't over yet. Rittenhouse's attorney has received so many death threats for him and his family that he can no longer use his phone.

Well, that kind of tells you the quality of people who are against Kyle.

These are not good people.

Since I've been keeping an eye on the Left (I suppose my wakeup call was around 1981... when who I thought was just a mom-aged lady, spewed serious hatred), these are the ones driven by base, primal emotions.
Yeah, he's a "made man" in certain circles but he was almost a "dead man"

Kyle deserves a medal. I sincerely hope he sues the outrageous propaganda Media that tarnished his name.

Personally, I think it's a bit weird how you can openly carry a gun in American but law/statutes according to Wisconsin Law........innocent on all counts was not only just, it was justice served on a cold platter.

Kyle is a true example of an honest kid (17 at the time) defending his right to bare arms.

I could be wrong here but Kyles actions saved many. We'll never know but he's well within his rights to defend his Dads home and get rid of paedophile a-holes that point guns (pistols) at his head.

Kyles a bloody legend in my book
Lee, I have to agree with this Dad.

Our legal system is largely broken. It's about laws, not justice. Too many judges are corrupt. Too many prosecutors are inept, mendacious and use dirty tactics to get what they want.

And too many defense attorneys don't believe in what they *should* be doing.

How will we fix that?
The prosecutors primary job is to find the truth, not necessarily win a case.
The sad point about the Rittenhouse prosecutor is he prosecuted just to win at any cost including people losing the right to defend ourselves if he won. Let’s go brandon.
@ manuka … joe biden said Rittenhouse was an “alleged” white supremest.
Former Harvard Law Prof Alan Dershowitz discusses Kyle's Excellent Defamation Suit prospects ...

... And even offers to Assist Kyle with his suit(s) against CNN.

CNN's ratings are so Low, it's difficult to see how they sell airtime to sponsors.
Kyle's suit(s) might wipe 'em out ... smitten

In a sense - It's not Kyle's Opportunity to sue 'em, it's his DUTY ...
To ensure that such Reckless behavior Must NEVER Be Tolerated Again.

SIC 'EM, KYLE ... devil

Bo, I missed putting a title on the comment for the video. It's Ammon Bundy, remember the Malheur Refuge event, and the murder of Lavoy Finnicum? The Bundy Ranch stand-off etc. The BLM land grab over-reach, a lot of constitutional similarities involved with this recent Rittenhouse win.

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