Jordan Peterson - No Science behind Canada's Covid Restrictions

Wise words from Dr. Jordan Peterson

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There's no science behind Canada's Covid restrictions.

(yeah. We knew that. They knew that, and you probably knew that. They're liars all.)
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History is a lie we agreed upon and Medicine is not an exact science ,but i guess any premises is good enough to be used to establish a totalitarian regime
Their lies don't have to be perfect.

They only need to fool enough of the population for long enough to gain and solidify their grip on power.
And after 10 years ( ?
Of formal ..{ read expensive
The M D ..path segues violently into SUPERSTITION
..with 4 words..
I $WEAR BY APOLLO...( ..the Oath

Dictionary of Names..
Apollo = destroyer. ) Cognate w/ abbadon.

McBob. } Finding out why a mission to the moon was named APOLLO..constitutes real bona fide excavation of Truuf. Mchint: Apollo is Nimrod is Osiris is Gilgamesh is Adonis is Mithra.

Hence. E pluribus Unum.
Both medicine and law are difficult to master because there are so many unanswered questions and only a limited amount of time to act.

I suppose that's why they call doing that sort of work, "practice."
How or better, what , is used to prove that someone has this virus aka is infected

I mean, their ( government) lies are so transparent ,it hurts anyone with a IQ above shoe size
General, that's a whole lotta pouring of old wine into new bottles, aka, reintarnation.
Yes, Dedo, but no matter how transparent the lies, no matter how insulting to the intelligence, there are hordes whose intelligence (as it were) isn't insulted.

They truly are that gullible.

If only there was some way to limit the damage to the fools.
I hear you Dedo...
...McLegion x Google Plex is the raw Number of sheople who do not know that F B I informant S-179 tried to save JFK with a phone call- or series thereof.
Aka Lee Oswald -- or anyone else- including BATMAN!
..could not fire the Mannlicher Carbine
Sans stripper clip.
Needless to say, a real sniper doesn't use surplus rifles from world war one.
...when Gerald Ford implemented the WIN campaign circa '75. ( Whip inflation Now was anything but Collegiate English. It was an UN answered call to Action. ) Beat the living FUCH out of The Federal Reserve & all it's sociopath Enablers.
...Nixon was the great modern Democrat. Check the bona Fides..
Created Environment Protection Agency
Opened China Door ) closed Formosa door
Ended Vietnam Fustercluckme
Instituted wage & price Control
Weaponized the I R S
... sorry..

I'm ranting...blues
Pleasantly surprised to see this in The Lancet
The webpage didn't fully link. Just copy the full text of the link as above and paste it in to your browser
China....part 06
.... understand, eYe heard / saw this in 2019
But am unable to link source s....anyhoo the PCR
Test & particular Chinese paper masks are both being used to spread the covert Infectious hospital.
..If interested see Rense, Right column.
Your Reporter recently went through another bout of Sars-cov2--? a head cold, but w/ chunky vomit.
Elderberry & zinc & Tequila helped keep the ordeal under 55 hours.... Standby. ) .
"They only need to fool enough of the population for long enough to gain and solidify their grip on power"
Exactely!. thumbs up
Merci, ma puce. Nous sommes d'accord.
Oui bien sûr !

And it'd better be a bloody big lie!
Bo wave Totally agree with this guy!

Madame, parlez-vous Francais? Nous sommes d'accord aussi!
Merci boo Koo nebelwerfer
Je ris, mon général!
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