Dame Shirley Bassey

I was researching some classic movie theme guitar riffs when I came across the James Bond movie GOLDFINGER. The theme was sung by Dame Shirley Bassey.
I always thought it was 'over the top' on expression but that was probably what the producer wanted. The movie came out in 1964 and it made Bassey a huge success. She's 84 years old now and still kicking it!

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Shirley has been known to sing many other songs, but every venue she plays gets the Goldfinger theme on the play list.

Someone did a comparison of her voice from 1964 to 2019 and her style hasn't changed much. Unlike many singers who burn-out after 10 or 15 years she still maintained her voice through all these years.

Dame Shirley Bassey - Goldfinger

A singer like her really exercises her lungs.
She's certainly retained almost all of her terrific powerful voice.
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