Live Northeast Florida Bald Eagle CAM

Peek in when you feel like a ringside nest view;

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If you Really want to get Eagle Pics -
Head to The Gathering Of Eagles @ Lake Pepin (between MN & WI) in March -

SWARMS of 'em! You'll also see their VERY Impressive Aerial Courtship Ritual -
Makes the Blue Angels's demo look like Piper Cubs.

It gathers Damned Near as many Pro Wildlife Photographs as Eagles

Back in the Day - WELL Before the National Eagle Center - I conducted day-long Gathering Of Eagles Motorcoach Eco-Tours ...
Did several of 'em for the Minnesota Zoo.

LOTSA Fun ... very happy

If you want the Tundra Swan Mississippi Flyway Migration - Go to Alma, WI. NOW.

If you catch a "Swan Fall" into Beef Slough, it's Breathtaking -
THOUSANDS of 'em dropping outta the sky for Hours on end.

Thanks for the tips Mic.
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