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Turkey Carving

I picked up a cooked bird so all I have to do is heat it slowly for an hour and a half on Thursday. Then I get to carve it, guess what? I have never carved one before but thankfully it is small.

Next step you tube. I have an electric knife which I tried to use once but it didn't work for me like it does everyone else.

Sigh it is always something. Today is my bros birthday and his wife is in Seattle for her brothers funeral (that took 4 weeks to get the death certificate to bury him) Bro likes hamburger so I'm cooking a big old burger mixed with sausage, loading it with bacon, grilled onions, mushrooms and cheese. I have some sliced avacado in case he wants that...I love avacado on a burger if I have to eat a burger, I'm not really fond of them. Today I cook what the brother wants and load it with his favorites I hope it is special.

Well here is to learning a new challenge and a wish I don't turn this turkey into chopped liver.

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It probably will depend on how much presentation you will require. Personally, I try to slice down the middle of the breast. and take them out whole. It's easier then to slice them on a cutting board. Detach the legs - you can leave them whole and cut off the thighs. Will it look like the Norman Rockwell picture? No but it will get the job done. wine
I was trying to carve up the turkey, but the bastard thing kept running away.

Forget the electric knife -
Use one that's not Too Large for the size of the bird & is Really, REALLY Sharp.

The hamburger sounds delicious.happy thanksgiving.banana
Hmmm. A pre-cooked turkey. That certainly makes it easier.
Is it pre-stuffed too ?

I hope you and your family have a terrific Thanksgiving.
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I shot my first turkey last week. Scared the crap out of everybody in the frozen foods section at the grocery store.
daydream My favorite Turkey Gun -
An ol' Savage Model 24 over/under .22 long rifle/20 ga. shotgun.

I've never shot a turkey with it, but the .22 lr is dead on balls accurate & I've won LOTS of Turkey Shoots & taken home prize frozen turkeys ... And a few hams ... batting

It's important to let the turkey chill for a few hours ...


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