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Husband killed by Vaxx. Docs Don't want to acknowledge

Southern California 53-Year-Old’s Life Cut Short By Employers’ Virtue Signaling COVID Protocols: There’s A Price To Vaccine Heavy Handedness

After sleeping through the day and waking up at 5 pm, he was just happy he slept but woke up drenched in sweat. He was last heard around midnight speaking to his son. Terry went to bed on the couch soon after and when his alarm went off at 4:45 am, Mercedes heard it continue to ring. When the ambulance came, they concluded he had passed sometime around 3 am.

Mercedes wanted an autopsy. She was told it would take longer with COVID and Terry’s doctor happened to be on vacation. But she told the office, “Well, you have all his records of all the medication because he had high blood pressure. He took medication for it. So, it was fine. You know, he had just got the vaccine?” Yet nobody wanted to hear anything about it being related to COVID.

Mercedes found this to be a stark contrast to the times before the vaccine was fully rolled out. “Well, this is surprising, because I had a friend from work whose sister-in-law got into a car accident and they called it a COVID death. And he was fighting it because he was saying no, she died in a car accident, why would you call it a COVID death? So, I’m telling you that he had all these COVID symptoms, and he had taken the second vaccine, and he hasn’t felt well ever since. And yet you don’t want to hear anything about it being a COVID death, or anything related to the vaccine? While I was planning his funeral, they were trying to tell me that ‘if you want us to do more investigations, then we won’t release the death certificate.’”

“So how does this heart stop in the middle of the night? He didn’t sleep for three days and had all these horrible symptoms. It all started happening after his second shot. The doctor finally agreed to sign it off.”

“However, when I ended up getting the death certificate, it said that he had an infection and that the infection caused a heart attack. But there was nothing on COVID. I don’t understand why there is nothing about COVID on his death certificate at all.” It was almost like they are deliberately suppressing the truth.

Terry’s death is just starting to hit Mercedes. After 30 years of marriage and knowing Terry for 31, she hasn’t even had time to grieve. Mercedes doesn’t look forward to the holidays. Her 22-year-old son was very close to his dad, so mom is staying as strong as she can and is in counseling, which is helping her navigate the grief process.

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It probably has nothing to do with the topic...

But hey why do u think damages created by vaccines are payed by the state and not by these corporations that made the vaccines?

From my humble point of view if any corp making vaccine start paying damages will go bankrupted in less than half day.

So the state will cover with PUBLIC MONEY for the damages....

Why hasn't any government opened a lawsuit against china nor the OMS for the number of BS they fed to the public?

The reason is simple to understand,china if starts to pay all the damages done by covid would go bankrupt in a matter of seconds.....

Well in italy 200K "italy wide" of restaurant owner have opened a lawsuit asking for damages to china for COVID,......
I presume the Court will rule in favor of china...

Well guys Political Corruption and Capitalism walk hand to hand and screw anybody on its passage...
This is very sad , but any meds can give a small number of folk a reaction, yes even death unfortunately for a very small number in the grand scheme of things.

I am just getting back to normal after 7 months now i am pleased to say.

I do not understand why folk have stopped social distancing when vulnerable, nor wear a mask.

I also do not understand this forcing of folk to get jabbed??? These docs, nurses etc could take a test before going into work, if they want to chance their luck at not catching virus than surely that is up to them

All meds now even those bought over the counter give you a long list of things you could react to, even common aspirin, all frightened of getting sued.

Funny old world we live in. teddybear
Embedded image from another site

This is not fiction. It's reality.

A vastly-understated reality.

Enough of your ChiCom BS, Comrade.

Stay off my blogs.
If & big if he died home she never had to ask for an autopsy, it was done even if she did not want one done
Take note. } Scienter + Script = Plandemic
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Candyman [ 1999
Set in 2020 : Apollo* brings the $ting.
..b.) Contagion [ 2011...beyond 0bvious **
.c.) Cats & Dogs [ 01...Fauci's heinous experiments

** Enterthestars Reloaded. ) Best in the business of de-Cryption of Scienter.
* Trump's penthouse suite on 5th Ave. NY NY a
.. Monument to Apollo / Nimrod
D.) Stargate..f. Kurt Russel aka $nake Plissken
..the key to opening the GATE was a Re arrangement of ancient that the action word
T R U M P ...was $PELLED OUT...shortly after passage 'Daniel' references 5th Ave not Once
Hint. } The Great Scot, Trump, a Gemini, Lives in Trump tower @ 5th Ave.

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