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Dumb Questions

Pardon my spelling mistakes. I'm more ripped than a silent fart.....blah, blah, blah as the child from the pulpit preaches aka Gretta.

Question numero uno. "Who the flip told me how, why, when or who?"" I don't recall Universities expressing a difference of opinion unless of course you're brain washed which is probably brain dead with a gallion of oil to get the juices flowing?

Who the fark are these kids? Boomer? Probably??? more like boomers that keep the safe wannabees in there safe space whilst pretending that men should dress as women and shouldn't open doors for the "fairer sex"

Regardless whether it's driving on the left hand side of the road or the right.........I'd never pick up Gretta Dumberg regardless whether she is left or right handed. To be honest, I'd have more satisfaction chopping her thumb off.

Just saying

ps...... All things considered. I reckon Kids need a good canning, never did me no harm

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Question numero #3 or two. How many genders are there? Last time I looked, there were only two. And then there were 5.

If you thought Pythagoras was bad at maths.......think again. There's always a place for a threesome but triangles give me the shits quite frankly.

Numero @4.

Triangles only have 3 sides
Just one more passing thought as I drift off..........who the fark cares? I certainly don't but I reckon women are awesome.

Majority there, string me up and castrate me. I couldn't care less

uh oh
And to be honest in all sincerity. What's the deal with the toilet seat? A stitch in time saves nine.

We need to ask these questions because if we don't, we'll be non the wiser.

Don't even get me started on whether toilet paper should face the wall or not. Conundrums God damn it.

Numero six, seven or whatever......couldn't give a shit. I don't smoke weed but I grow a couple of plants.

Anyways. Personally, as an upstanding citizen. I reckon it's a bit misogynistic to only grow sensimilia.

God damn it, think of the children.

rolling on the floor laughing

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