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I see that Michael Cohen, former (Trump) attorney comes off his 3-year prison sentence and begins a 3-year term of supervised release. While he cooperated with authorities in turning over information that reduced his sentence, the question is, what information is he holding back?
What are the odds there's a price on his head as insurance that information he knows doesn't get revealed?
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I read, that Cohen wants to continue to cooperate with ongoing and future Trump investigations.
He probably was a witness or even involved with a lot of Trump's crimes.
It's good to see, that he has remorse for what he has done, and wants to ensure
that justice is done.
Jim, that was an amazing interview. thanks for posting it.

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Specifically naming the Trump family is going to rattle a few cages.
I do hope he has plenty of surveillance and protection.
You are welcome.
I would not be surprised, if Cohen has some secret service assigned to protect him.
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