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i was born

I was born in '64
None before me spoke for me
I was free mind living in the Romper Stompers
Big Blue Marble schooled me
Tales from nations far from me
I ain't no dummy
Put your cache away
You got nothing to stay
Real world chimes
Whines remind
A charlie horse is just a spasm
Of a malignant o*gasm
Of hate and spew
That flavors a stew
Of yes and know
We all know better
lick the letter
seal it with a kiss
of life or death

Comments (4)

you got the truth in a spoonful
A spoon full of sugar 'sweet' helps the medicine go ""down""
Sometimes raw sugar is raw to the core
But alas my lass, my apple seed is sweet yet rotten to your orchid's call.

We all know better
Some do and some don't
seal me inside you and comfort my fall
Kisses and letters envelop and entwine with envelopes with lick spittle but your opened sweet nectar is divine.

My parcel is wary
Your strings attached
My parcel Bow waits with you the catch...... and spoons without forks are forkless.
Sometimes, just sometimes, a dog is your best friend

"""""Expectant Blonde, Brunette and Redhead mothers discussing conception:
Brunette: I conceived in missionary position so it will probably be a boy
Redhead, contemplating: I conceived in cowgirl position so I guess that means it will probably be a girl
Blonde, horrorstruck: Oh my god, I’m going to have puppies.""""" lips
BTW, just another cheesy song since we're talking about cutlery and skulduggery.

Forget the spoons on platters, forget the forks. In fact, forget the free steak knives if you order more.

I only asked for a free set of butter knives

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