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Bicycle out again - almost 2 years

Pumped oiled lubricated,
brakes adjusted, well sort of,
they're still not quite right.
Front and rear bike and helmet
USB lights re-charged.

But by the time I reached
the hillcrest on Hillcrest Avenue
my legs were like rubber
and I wasn't quite sure
whether I was steadier
standing or pedalling.

Much more confident
on the return journey
of course, but the climb
to the nearby centre,
well, we'll see soon enough.

Comments (5)

Hey Fargo, its probably better to walk it off when your legs get smoked on the hills..
Give it 2 weeks, riding 2 to 3 days a week;; you'll be smoking those hills..
I knew it was going to be a problem and considered dismounting about halfway up. Broken jaw, broken arm, broken scaphoid, hope I can avoid any more of those too!
Did you carry a spare puncture kit?

Word on the 'street' bicycle lanes is that you've smuggled a few or two beneath your budgie smugglers whilst wearing lucre/ lycra.

Just joking Bro thumbs up
I used to cycle doh but these days roads to dangerouse and probable i would need a moto cycle
Hey Fargo, you could also try standing on your peddles more than sitting on the seat;; doing this on the down hills gives a better sense of control, you can react better to direction change and bumps/humps on the road..

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