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---).)...(. Standby

McTag. ) Let's play a game..!

The assignment ( techies only. You will need Alexa.
Alexa, how do eYe exit the simulation ?

2..) who is the wizard ?

3. ) ..Alexa, do you have a dream [ s.

McBob. } Per the usual, this could segue into a white hot wickedly funny series all by itself... Except

McFiver. ) Alexa, do you have a favorite song ?

$exy Six. ) Alexa, do you Enjoy or De-spies the Agentbob of Connecting singles.*

* A I . Has had more than enough time to read my Deceptive mind series. If Alexa evades or pleads the 5th, try and outwit the stupid webnet sky machine with your own banter.

Comments (8)

We . UN fortunately cannot direct our input to A I....being in lockdown in the year 1977 A D.
1207 .. standard bat Time

.. serendipity has blessed our path this week. In a few hours eYe will take the game direct to Alexa.
Enjoy your snooze ... Amerika., bout this Thanksgiving thingy..
If tradition is your game. ) Lobster & Duck is your Feature spread.
The other game..Dallas v. Lost Wages..
..steppin out on a whim.) eYe predict boredom
Punctuated by Nimrod-Apollo-Santa incantation$
...but Not For Long.
I'm not totally convinced with Alexa but Sirus sounds almost human. I like the accent choice. Well, I did until the frightful day and heard Sirus and Alexa having an argument.

Moral of the story is this:
Back seat drivers should either buckle up or shut up as the ambulance drives ever closer to the cliffs edge

Thanks contributors ! I was going to delete the Mcblogment cuz last night my friend wasn't in the mood for A I skullduggery.
I'll try again today ... Standby. )
Happy. ) eYe expected better from Alexa...A I is learning @ quantum speed $0 there is a lame program for Amazon / Alexa itself.
...bad news for [ all ] villages.....wink

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