Senility and clownery

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With Boris folks confuse the manner for madness , same goes for Trump . With Biden it is what it looks like , nobody home in the top paddock .
To be honest. Russel Brand is a tool. I've never liked him. Fair play, He plays his part. He's a champagne foul mouthed socialist that was cancelled before "cancel culture" was a thing...............""the thing"""

Russel Brand and perhaps Farage are on a wicket, similar to Gretta in many respects but not really credible.

But, having said that. Who is these days?
I'm just saying.........BIG BROTHER.....Russel Brand

I wouldn't trust him as far as I could through him.

Maybe I'm wrong but his Hollier than thou new personage 'coming to Jesus' moment looks contrite and not only FAKE, he's a dik
There's one question that sticks in my mind that sums up "the Brand"

"Ok Russel, why don't you run for Parliament then"

His Reply was...."Because I don't want to be like them"

And here he is............never trust anyone that talks crud. A bit like Jacinda Adern in ways, "career politician"

From his house in Henley-on-Thames, Russell Brand’s political activism goes on. His YouTube Channel now has more than four million subscribers and, twice a week at least, he serves up 15-minute nuggets of chat “providing you with information that you won’t get on mainstream media” based on what he has read in The Guardian. Unless he gets it from elves.laugh
I really enjoy Russell's short videos on YouTube. Back in the day I didn't have much time for him to be honest. But he speaks a lot of truth now and asks a lot of important questions. I think having kids and a family has brought out the best in him.
Yep he is growing up a bit but sometimes we need foolish laughter at times.

I like farage, and Boris is brainy truly he likes to keep up beat, but reckon he has run his course now. So much has happened since he became leader it was bound to get to someone. Labour a no no at the moment maybe a new leader a clean sweep in New Year would help but reckon Boris will hang on.

As for Biden and Trump i do not know enough about America system to comment of them but do know Boris give our Queen the gentlemanly respect she deserves
doh i meant Trump
FY eYe...
...the A game is to be found @
Featured De Crypt | Candyland [ 1999
..the question. How many Trumpenstein Easter eggs
Do you people need to see before $cienter Dawn's
On you ?
Good thing her Majesty was never presented with Biden , he's not fit to lick the ground she walks on .'s Candyman. Promise to be more careful in future posts. Mistakes are costly in this line of work.
Trump, the worst loser in history, literally after the last election rolling on the floor laughing , makes them look like Gods.doh
Poor Fester,his TDS is getting worse!comfort comfort comfort
Ol' Joe's Approval Ratings are Lower than The Don's at this point in His Presidency.
Even substantial numbers of 'CRATS have Voter's Remorse over Ol' Joe very mad

Get a load of THIS Crap, Y'all ..
crazy ... rolling on the floor laughing

Actually, there might be a Kernel of Truth to it -
Thinking back to The Don, by Comparison, Ol' Joe sucks hard enough to pull a golf ball through a garden hose ... devil

Barry Warned Us ...

NAILED IT, BARRY ... moping


Ol' Joe's dragging the 'Crat Party down With him.

TWENTY wow Congressional ('C)rats (at last count) are deserting the sinking ship before the '22 Mid-Terms -
They're retiring rather than face almost Certain Crushing & Humiliating Defeat.

"Ole Joe sucks so bad,he could suck start a Harley
Davidson through its tail pipe and peel the chrome from it!" grin
That was informational ^^^ rolling on the floor laughing
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