If you get vaccinated you are less likely to infect others, FACT not fiction

Some here are lying about infection rates, so with a little research, I found they are lying as the facts show that those vaccinated although on the rare occasion may carry the virus and infect others, but it has been shown conclusively that the majority of vaccinated do not infect others, that breakthroughs are very rare and when they occur the virus load goes within a couple of days or so. Whereas unvaccinated that carry the virus will infect many and for a far longer time.

What a shame some love to lie and spread BS just for attention-seeking, taking no responsibility for their actions.
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Why do anti-vaxxers spread lies and misinformation?

* Generally, a low intelligence precludes them from being able to discern factual information, from any other type of information

* A lack of any kind of scientific education renders them incapable of telling the difference between Scientific (peer-reviewed) information and the wildest anti-vax fantasies (eg Vaccines make a person "magnetic")

* Grandstanding and attention-seeking

* General malfeasance
So sez the "Missing Link".


They even post links to a proven doctored image suggesting that 29,934 died from vaccines, when the same site says completely the opposite.

They seem to think everyone will believe their lies and BS if they post reams of misinformation.
You can sneer as much as you wish Mic, but the FACTS show just how much BS and twisted misinformation is being spread by a few ignorant people.

Up to you to get vaccinated or not, I have never suggested anyone MUST get vaccinated, all I do is debunk the lies, misinformation and the twisted facts presented to misrepresent the truth.

Case in point, the BS being spread about VAERS.

Far better to ask your own health provider if they think a vaccine is a better option than no vaccine.
Yep riz even after after affects from second jab (which by the way after 7 months are just clearing. Doc said i would be better getting booster --- i did--- no after affects thank goodness.

I have to say Mr Bo did say to try pine needle tea--- i did and the numbness in my leg and toes did go. Tea or not it did go. So maybe not all info of some kinds are not bad. I did look up pine needle myself as well though.

I just wish this so called mandatory jabbing of workers would stop though, folk could take tests before going to work.
I agree Red, No one should be forced to have a vaccine, it should be a personal choice, and if no shot then what is wrong with testing?
No one should be "forced"...fair enough...

Should the general public (of whatever country) be "forced" to pay their medical expenses?...............dunno
No one is being forced.
Get the shot, weekly tests, or get a job elsewhere.
Your choice.
Come on man, it's a holiday....stop the FALSE propaganda......

October 31, 2021: In a new study published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases journal, researchers at the Imperial College London and the UK Health Security Agency (HSA) looked at over 600 people in Britain over the course of a year, and the study reveals that although COVID-19 vaccinations lower the chance of hospitalization and death in the case of infections, those inoculated can spread the Delta variant as easily as those who are not.
The researchers also found out that "Fully vaccinated individuals with breakthrough infections have peak viral load similar to unvaccinated cases and can efficiently transmit infection in household settings, including to fully vaccinated contacts. Host–virus interactions early in infection may shape the entire viral trajectory."

Don't give us the BS that the patient population is insufficient. I work with studies that have <10 patients and going for FDA approval...stop the False Propaganda...

Maybe Jim can tell us why anyone should get a PCR test when it's FALSE positive is 100%.
Give us the logic behind such malicious comments. Stay away from the PCR test, first of all made in Chyna and right on the packaging it says includes Ethelene Oxide and Graphene Oxide....both HIGHLY toxic.
Think why do they want you constantly testing for something that has a 99.786% survival rate. Use your God given brains....
cherry-picking a report and leaving out relevant details is just so pathetic,

As the lancet reports the breakthroughs are rare and when they do occur the viral load lasts just a few days whereas unvaccinated carry the load for a long time and are more prone to infect others.

Go enjoy your holiday, it may be your last before 5G gets you.

Being BRITISH I don't celebrate Thanksgiving
Thank goodness, I am not that stupid, and besides I have my own source of information.
Being BRITISH(?) - How can you Not be aware of ...


Mic the UK harvest festival is nothing like the US festival where the US has a holiday the UK does not.
Harvest Festival
October 3, 2021 - October 31, 2021 in the UK

Being Jewish I celebrate Sukkot, so I fail to understand what point you failed to make.
Early evidence suggests infections in fully vaccinated persons caused by the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 may be transmissible to others; however, SARS-CoV-2 transmission between unvaccinated persons is the primary cause of continued spread.

this is B.S. about mostly unvaccinated. you spread b.s. by trying to say vaccinated spread less likely. they're becoming the most infected the higher the vaccination rates go.

government doesn't track it. cdc and outlet after outlet states that. if you don't track it that means you can lie aboput it so your minions can push it.
If many? most? Infections among The Jabbed go Asymptomatic -
It's Impossible to know the number of Cases, let alone who's doing the most spreading.

Embedded image from another site

I ve posted in my blogs ,several athletes collapsing in the middle of the game ,due to heart condition ...which is very unusual for such young people...unless there was a katalisator ,like a experimental drug ...

and why is there such a pressure ,to get this experimental drug... not just one,two ,three

why do we have this ausweis

Embedded image from another site
Devo, there are many sports played every day, amateur and professional, yet from doing some research not one has died from the covid vaccine.

Making a connection between any illness and the vaccine takes medical knowledge and as we all know, you have no medical qualifications whatsoever.
It took me Less Than A MINUTE To Find It.
You either do Crap Research or you Lie Your Áss Off ... liar

Mic, as always, I was speaking about credible reports, verified by those in a position to prove the truth.
Reading your link Mic not one case has been proven to be the covid vaccine as a direct cause of the illness.

BTW, Athletes die all the time from various illnesses and have been doing so since before the Olympics started, to select a few today and suggest they died or became ill from a vaccine is just adding 2+2 and getting 8
Reading your link Mic not one case has been proven to be the covid vaccine as a direct cause of the illness.

BTW, Athletes die all the time from various illnesses and have been doing so since before the Olympics started, to select a few today and suggest they died or became ill from a vaccine is just adding 2+2 and getting 8.

But please, keep looking for "evidence" that the vaccines kill, at least it keeps you off the streets and less likely to infect others with the virus. Good Jobhandshake
no, govenrment database proves this is incorrect



Many decision makers assume that the vaccinated can be excluded as a source of transmission.

It appears to be grossly negligent to ignore the vaccinated population as a possible and relevant source of transmission when deciding about public health control measures.
The operative Words being "PROVEN ... DIRECT CAUSE" -
That's the Same Claim made by Tobacco Companies regarding individual cases of Lung Cancer.
BOTH Claims are TECHNICALLY Valid.


That's Especially true of Omicron -
It goes through Jabs like a fart through a Dust Mask.


it's Not about Public Health -
It's about Power, Control, "Othering"/Blaming & Government convincing folks it's DOING SOMETHING -
Even if what's being done is Pointless. ...

Why is it about power? You know this as a fact?

Didn't think so.

It is just as likely the governments want to reduce the burden on hospitals, and reduce unnecessary preventable deaths.

80-90% of hospitalisations in the UK since mid-Nov are those unvaccinated, indicating the vaccines are working well, especially the booster as those above 60 years are rare to be hospitalised.

To assume the governments are using a virus to take control of citizens is an assumption only a tin hat wearer would make.

Governments already control the population. they have no need to add an expensive virus into the mixdoh
Yeah. Right. Whatever you say, Hoss.
But his Point Remains - If Everyone Spreads it (Especially Omicron) -
And the object is to Stop The Spread ...
EVERYONE should be Locked Down REGARDLESS of Jab Status.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki tests positive (again) for COVID-19 while fully vaxxed.

Psaki, who is fully vaccinated, said she was experiencing "mild symptoms" and would work from home until the conclusion of her five-day isolation and a negative COVID-19 test.

It's the second time that Psaki has tested positive for the virus, and the second time she will miss an international trip because of it. Last fall, the press secretary tested positive just ahead of Biden's trip to the G-20 summit in Rome.

Biden might be reinfecting his aid confused Can COVID-19 spread through diaper changing?
JUST IN - Fully vaccinated Hillary Clinton infected with COVID-19, says she has "mild" symptoms.
If it's Omicron, there's no reason it Shouldn't be "mild".

Data on Omicron suggest it's the "Covid Cold" -
Especially so if one's afforded SOME protection by the mRNA Treatment Jabs
very happy

What ever (blank) this world is in, most likely could have been inverted. Social distancing slowed the spread. End Pandemic but
I find it difficult to discern fact. What makes anyone's statement a fact or just opinion?
Enter McBob | ... Good to know the athletes I've seen collapse - or heard about- R all a part of the simulation.
Keep up the fight for credible & credit ability.
I am needed yonder.
Elementary, M'dear Fay!
One inserts said statement into the relativity of veracity equation and solve for Facitiness.

Simple, no? ... batting

Some of the covid tests have gota be suspect, my cousin and his mates were drinking one day when someone whipped out a rapid covid test.. one of the guys opened a fresh beer and dipped the test into the beer, the test came back positive;; laugh maybe everything is testing positive for covid from these covid tests...
Possible being covid neutral, It was a thought?

It’s called Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex (CIRDC).

Dog Owners Warned Of Highly Contagious Virus Spreading Across South Florida

The virus is spread by direct contact with an infected dog and by contact with people who have been exposed to the virus
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