Chancer's great solution

If you're scared of any variants, stay home until you feel safe

Otherwise live your life, and vote out any punkass politicians who are ruling by fear

This nonsense MUST end. But it won't until we make it abundantly clear that we won't accept the non-stop fear and anxiety being peddled by people who are either woefully inept to lead or who are irredeemably corrupt. ENOUGH!
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Or move to Sweden. Only drawback, you'll have to live closer to Greta rolling on the floor laughing beer
On a serious note, what would you have done diffrently if you were the leader of your own country?
Enough of what exactly?
2 key components that have been criminally ignored:

1. Natural immunity acquired from prior infection

2. Early (and cheap) treatment protocols - ivermectin etc.

I would also establish a massive undertaking/study to establish the effect on ALL health issues since lockdowns and Covid policy were implemented. I would open an investigation into possible collusion to affect certain outcomes between members of government and business interests. And I'd immediately commission a study to establish the accuracy of the widely used PCR test in detecting live transmissible COVID-19 virus.

And depending on the findings from everything, I may set up a criminal tribunal with the ability to prosecute guilty parties.

For starters.
@epirb that comment (now deleted) was out of order. Please refrain from that kind of stuff on my blogs
Aha, I might even vote for you for pres next!
Not bad, not bad.

Great ideas.

I especially like the concept of responsibility.

Unfortunately, a few well-placed societal saboteurs can cause the early deaths of thousands, perhaps more.

How can you get adequate justice there?
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