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Well, it appears that the FBI isn't satisfied with arresting and charging grannies who spent 15 mins in the Capitol and waved their flags, and conducting armed raids on Project Veritas based on a completely bogus charge - now they've charged a journalist who documented in person much of the events as they transpired on Jan 6. The charges are, of course, bogus - but this is how the American KGB (FBI) now operates. Anyone critical of the regime is fair game for targeting and persecution. I recommend watching the video for more details

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Anyone who trusts the FBI is unfamiliar with the repulsive facts behind Waco, Ruby Ridge and Oklahoma City, and no doubt, countless other atrocities and miscarriages of justice.

American KGB, even though seemingly an oxymoron, is very apt.
FBI was corked up since Hoover's time!
Update on journalist targeted by FBI:

Obviously the author and the video woman believe that when 'squeaky' Fromme filmed the other Manson followers cutting the baby out of Sharon Stone's writhing and screaming body as Fromme giggled and circled for a better view, Fromme should have just claimed she was doing so as an independent journalist and then she would not have been a co-conspirator or a participant.
The sad reality is, even if you are a real journalist,, one with an employer, a salary, and a genuine local police issued press pass, if you participate in a crime, or criminally trespass, you need to go to jail because you are as much a criminal as the other people are.
The persons who entered the grounds of the US Capital with the stated intent of stopping the Constitutionally required vote certification and hanging the Vice President were in clear violation of 18 USC Section 2383, Insurrection or Rebellion. All persons who accompanied, provided support of any kind, or engaged or participated in planning the crime are guilty of 18 USC 371, Conspiracy. The FBI is charged and authorized by Congress to investigate and arrest for any violation of Federal law as directed by the Attorney General.
So we have a journalist who was invited by criminals to accompany them on a major Federal crime, instead of contacting the FBI he chose to enter into the conspiracy and accompany them. Now he is whining like a kicked puppy as he realizes he may get to spend the next 10 years of his life in a dank Federal prison with some other not pleasant to know people. laugh Good.
They engaged in open rebellion against the government of the United States. I would like to see all 4,327 of the persons who unlawfully entered the Capital Grounds jailed for a decade. I recognize the reality of the cost of the trials and the incarceration and I would really prefer that statute provided for just dropping them in the ocean from a high flying cargo plane like Argentina used to do during it's brief period of Communist rebellion, but sadly 10 years in jail is all the statute gives us and economic reality means a lot of insurrectionists will be offered lesser simple assault or simple trespass type charges, as is happening. Although over 600 have been arrested to date, the US Marshals and the FBI have another 2,000 warrants they will be serving over the next few years. Once an arrest warrant is issued the statute of limitations is suspended. Many of those arrested early on have identified fellow criminal conspirators and principals and many, many additional arrest warrants have been drawn up. Further the seizure of computers by search warrant and the cooperation of some of those arrested has allowed the decryption of many encrypted communications of the conspirators and of course at the appropriate time those will be used as evidence. So this staggered schedule of prosecution will prevent a sudden clogging of the courts.
Ken_19 I think you need psychological help, seriously. What on God's green earth would make you want to make such an absurd comparison? A journalist documented the events of Jan 6 and the FBI went after him clearly because they didn't like the questions he was asking in relation to that day. What part of that are you okay with? It's insane fascist secret police level stuff

Oh and quiz question: how many people charged from Jan 6 have been charged with insurrection? I'll give you a clue - the answer rhymes with 'HERO'. The most common charge brought has been Obstruction of an Official Proceeding, something which Democrats have a long history of doing - the most recent example when they occupied Capitol buildings in the thousands in order to obstruct and delay the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court appointment hearings.

It was a two hour riot that could and should have been avoided. Pelosi & McConnell denied the Capitol Police chief his request for security backup ahead of Jan 6, and instead he was left with a couple of hundred officers to guard the Capitol in the presence of probably 20,000 who marched to the Capitol. It was set up for disaster.

The propaganda will proceed regardless. Jan 6 is all the Democrats have at this stage. They HAVE to try and compare it to 9/11 and call it the 'worst attack on democracy in history'

All the while well over half of citizens believe there was fraud in the 2020 election that impacted the results (including an increasing number of Democrats), Joe Biden's approval rating is in the ditch, inflation is soaring and people are sick to death of the division and mandates coming from the Oval Office. Sure, there'll be numerous specials and 'memorials' over the next few days, and many of the usual faces in media will put on the sombre face they're so practiced in as they feign concern and act as they're paid to do. It would be funny if it wasn't so genuinely tragic. The system, and the establishment that props it up, is crumbling. Change is coming. Nothing can be more sure. And it will be a breath of fresh air.
You got to remember that Ken is the Voice of the Deep State here!
It's almost as if you expected the FBI to go after criminals, how stupid is that?
I'm not really surprised that you'd support the persecution of journalists Riz who dare to ask questions of the regime. Cowards always bow down and ultimately always end up being the gimps of the most oppressive and evil authorities. A reminder that not one person from Jan 6 has been charged with murder, insurrection, or seditious conspiracy. The most common charges are obstruction of an official proceeding, and trespassing. If you support people's lives being ruined, their rights being stripped away, based on such trivial charges, you are broken as a human being and the bad guys have won. You can't have a two-tiered system of justice where people are treated completely differently based on who they may support politically. Political persecution is no more justifiable in the U.S. than it is anywhere else on earth. Individual rights matter. First principles matter, but first principles are something that many have decided to abandon fully, as they abandoned reason and succumbed to the pressures of life over recent years. That's on each individual though. Short of a gun being put to your head, there's no excuse for cowardice, there's zero excuse for abandoning first principles, there's zero excuse for becoming a cuck of the most awful and ill-willed people on the planet. It may seem easier to some people to adopt such a posture, but doing what is easiest very rarely aligns with doing what is right, especially in times of rising anxiety and external pressures. God bless.
This will probably be 4 years of trials, so grab your popcorn and have a seat. It is true none have been arraigned on an insurrection charge yet. Yet is the operative word. There is some good stuff coming down the pike. Who knows former President Trump may yet get to be the first ex President to go to jail. Somehow I suspect that if enough probable cause can be scraped together President Biden will not be giving him a pardon.
LOL 'the walls are closing in' right, Ken? How often did we hear the same for 4 years of Trump's presidency, from the made up Russiagate crap to everything else? Do you not get tired of being sold crap, Ken? (or even selling it to others)?. No insurrection. No plot to do anything. No firearms. Just a few cans of bearspray and flagpoles and some angry people who let their emotions get the better of them. And non existent security (thanks for that, Nancy!). Even FBI had to admit quite recently - in a Reuters article - that there was no plot or plan for an insurrection. We know Democrats - in their desperation - would like to jail Trump (and those who support him) - this is what fascist regimes try to do to the political opposition. It's nothing new in that sense. They'll fabricate bogus charges, illegally acquire communications, deny due process - all the things we see already. At the very least they'll try and stop him from running again. They are scared. And people see through it. The recent gubernatorial elections in Virginia and elsewhere were a barometer of how voters feel about Biden and Democrats, and if the same carries over to the midterm elections in November, The Democrat Party is going to get the rudest of rude awakenings, and Republicans will take the House (and quite likely the Senate too).
Nothing to see here - just the FBI and multi billion pharma behemoth Pfizer communicating together about Project Veritas after Project Veritas had released documents from a whistleblower inside Pfizer not long prior.
BREAKING: Two Acquitted in Whitmer Case, FBI Misconduct Central

As many of us speculated - the Whitmer 'kidnapping' plot was an op set up by the FBI to create headlines ahead of the 2020 election. The question now is: what other ops have they run? IMO Cesar Sayoc (right before 2018 midterms) would be worth looking into.

Important to note of course is that the head of the Michigan FBI field office running this op(Steven D'Antuono) was promoted to head the Washington DC field office shortly thereafter(Oct 2020)

It's fair to ask whether Jan 6 was likewise an op to set up and frame Trump supporters

Indeed, D'Antuono had only spent a year in the Detroit (Michigan) field office before he was moved up to DC. Looks very much like he was put in charge there for that specific reason ('kidnapping' op)

What specific reason was he then moved to DC for?
This article is a must read: The prosecutorial and government overreach is astonishing. Despite the government doing everything to keep hidden their own tactics and communications (and the judge largely abetting them in this regard), and even intimidating people who might testify, the jury still cleared 2 of the defendants of wrongdoing (while a hung jury and therefore mistrial was called for the other 2 defendants). This Biden department of justice is completely out of control. Hostile, arrogant, and think they can employ any tactics to further their goals. At this point it's looking like the only solution is to disband the FBI and hold a Church Commission 2.0 to get to the bottom of all the treason and treachery. Because this absolutely cannot stand. I don't believe a government weaponized against its own people is something most Americans are inclined to accept.
Speaking of absurd comparisons....
Anyone who has access to the web machine
Can view the Autopsy photo of Sharon Tate.
In doing so, you should note 3 falsifiable things..
Smile on the face of "the deceased"
Rosy flesh tone ( NO rigor mortis
Perfectly UN punctured abdomen..
..meaning, among other fine pointers, the LAPD
Officer claiming to be a witness to the horror
Of the "grisly slayings" & who testified to the fetus
Being torn out of Sharon-- was just another LIAR in the pocket of higher Ups.
Per the Capitol thingy...$0 obviously a crisis Acted*
Stupifying stunt.
* Dew the math | one dead Female Republican is not
Evidence of "an Insurrection."
a False Flag is always more believable if there are a few real Corpses laying about!professor
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