Hey mac...

Re your blog :

Hey, Y'all - I Just Got Deleted & Banned From This Blog ...

Tell me how its possible to ban someone from a blog!

Be quite a feat if it it is possible

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Beats Hell outta Me dunno ... 'Twas not I who attempted the Banning ... scold

Your question would be more appropriately directed to the OP of the blog in question.

Whatever -
The OP of Said Blog should be Damned Grateful - This is the 3rd blog about Said Blog.
See -

Said Blog is getting a Helluva Lotta publicity ... And presumably More Views.

If one doesn't WANT Blog Views - What's the Point of Blogging ... No? ... dunno
It'd make No SENSE.

Shocking ehlaugh
I snuck a Forbidden Comment in on the Banned Blog ... grin
It's Not been deleted for 'bout an Hour now.

I reckon the OP's gotta sleep Some Time!


wave Oxy!

What the Hell dunno ... It passes the time ...
Which is what I reckon we're doing here on these Blogs in the First Place.

@ Mic - yep just passing the time. Hope all is well with yourself stateside.wine

If anything it gave me a good gigglewine

Something I would not do is delete posts on blogs if I was a regular user. Worse happens face to face in real life, let alone here. But I guess it helps the mods do their job.
Deleting someone is very easy
Click on blogs, below you will find........ My blogs
It now shows three icons beside the post where you want to delete
Click on the first two icons at the same time
You now should see in the right corner an........ x
Find the x next to the person you want to delete
Jimbo will ban someone from his blogs, and then he will banter back and forth with the said banned person for hours when they come back and make another comment on the same blog they were just banned from. rolling on the floor laughing
Be nice if deleting a bloggers comment blocked them permanently from your blog.
Would see a lot less idiotic posts from trolls and as some insist to call each other "sock puppet's"

Its hilarious when 1 with multiple profiles starts an argument with itself to get attention "tenner" was a prime example but he's grown a little smarter since his return

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Tenner's Returned?? Who is he Now?

Why doesn't anyone Tell me these things? ... moping

Just because somebody hangs from a ceiling by his feet in a black cloak with his eyes closed does not mean he's asleep .
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