My Son Had Two Cats.........One Was A Male Named "Captain".(Who Was Classified By The Shelter As Being Feral) He Sat In His Cage For Over A Year Until My Son Adopted Him...........And The Other....A Female Named "Julie" (Who Was Found In The Woods At About 2 Months Old And Abandoned By Her Mother) Trying To Catch Bugs To Eat.
They Were Both Together For 17 1/2 Years......Until Julie Ended Up With Cancer Of The Mouth And Had To Be "Let Go"...........That Was About A Year Ago
About 3 Months After Julie Died?..........Captain Started Doing Stuff Like Walking Around And Crying Out Loud Noises.Similar To What A Lion Does When He Is Searching For His Family (ive Seen This On Documentaries)
Im Wondering if His Loud Calling Noises He Makes About 5 Times A Day And Night
Is It Captain Calling Out For Julie?

detective detective detective detective detective
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We all have a Julie. Not sure about the Karens of the world but we all have a Julie that we prefer.

No one can know why opposites attract. It's crazy stuff, it's also called reality.

My reality isn't someone else's but it's mine, and mine alone but the shelter was forgiving for cats to just prance, preen or just be unseen. Goodness will prevail regardless.

Cat's are amazing creatures handshake
Which friends?
The one that u can count with fingers of one hand?
The one that u call friends but u do not know shit about em?
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Animals can't speak like humans ...


They DO FEEL ...
Yes.. I think Captain is calling for missing Julie ... sad flower
Good thing animals can't speak like humans tho.coz they would have a shitty ton of insults to throw at us...
Seeing the way we have reduced the planet,well all insults are actually earned...
cheers cheers cheers cheers
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