Another lovely Sunday lesson with Chinese mum and daughter

Reading Wimpy kid together, a story about the hill kids and the non-hill kids hating each other.
Funny? No, it is how America is these days, so there is actually a serious theme there.
The division of America is recognised globally.
How to bring this important country back to some semblance of unity?
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Glad you're happy dude! Don't forget you're a family man!

Excuse me and my English ignorant twattiness!!! (not all Americans are arseholes!)

Sorry, how do you cope with so many chicks after your body? laugh
Apart from saying the obvious which of course you'd concur and maybe Jimbob has a point regarding Kiwis trying to but in. Fair enough I spose.

Anyway Fargo, are you a communist? Does your ideology rely on the "little red book"?

Don't confuse yourself for Xi, but you'd know better because you teached English whilst expecting others to toe your party line.

Just saying and probably more inquisitive. Do you still live in Chyna or in the West?
Just bare with me Fargo, If the west isn't your cup of tea.........may I suggest East Timor. Your virtual signalling would be more than welcome.
"Bougainvilleas" are awesome flowers..........sometimes weeds need weeding to keep the populist safe regardless.

But you'd know that because you teach Korean, Chinese, Mandarin/Cantonese etc etc..

Have you ever considered teaching English in Bougainville? I reckon you should teach Esparanto in Iraq, Afghanistan or where ever the wind takes your fancy.

He's alright. Bit lefty but he's alright.

I could have a yarn with Fargo. What surprissed me without pot shots is he's been to CHCH.

He's alright man.

Apart from the BS from his left leaning head, he's cool. He's probabably done more than most.
He's actually a damn decent bloke.

He knows things that most people don't. Pharlap would be an example.

And in my own ignorance, I've never been to China and here we are in nonsence world.

You're a good bloke bro thumbs up
Leave him alone! He's cool!

Sorry I'm not into politics in such a close way- politics is a universal thing I know... At the end of the day we're all human and want to survive. FargoFan strikes me as a decent kind of dude who hasn't a bad word for "most" people! laugh
As for north vs south


Tae kwon play do.

SHADDAP TWATS! rolling on the floor laughing


Imagine if Fargo reads these posts or in his case propaganda (joking) and thinking. WTF is this music?

According to the red book, jokes aren't allowed. He's cool. I'm not sure if Fargo is a proffessor or not but he's probably doing cartwheels as the wheels spin

The ockers will love this song

Don't be so RECKLASS

Sorry, I was most English there! laugh I know Mr Fargo is a decent chap, lovely manner on the internet and no doubt in real life.

I'm not here for political bollocks! wine
Well this blog is about a point in time, nothing political. Two lovely students of mine, one long time the other very young. I had made book recordings for her several years ago. Today we arrived at this point in 'wimpy kid book' where the kids in one street are at war, so to speak. And it occurred to me, that is how America is as a whole, so we discussed this idea.
Am I a communist? Well no of course. Socialist? Not sure. I don't really adhere to any label. I Like the ideas of equity and equality and opportunity.
Fargo, I love your reply there, you are a man of the world and know that life isn't all about politics!

(Just thought I'd tell you!) wine
"I don't really adhere to any label. I Like the ideas of equity and equality and opportunity."

Hmmmmmm, but isn't diversity great? Especially when there was no division to start with?

Communism is probably a stretch of the imagine but so were the Nazi's aka socialists vs communists aka Lennin.

To peas in a pod. How's the West, where do you live again Fargo? Cuba looks great this time of year. I'm thinking of building a bridge and getting over it but the communists prefer free air in my tyres. You'd know because air is free
@diurnal how can I say more clearly, how I love such 'lessons' when there is a chance to talk about the best of humanity?
Blog Invader! laugh

Not sure if it's true or not but apparently the Lada is making a come back. All it needs is a bit of soap in the window washers reservoir, and a motor to run the cobalt but minor details. Don't worry about the details.

To be honest, I'm actually looking forward to more control from the State. Heaven forbid freedom.

Electric? No worries, we'll crank up the diesel generator to charge the plebs premiums whilst we own nothing.
For The Dude...

Sorry if I've pissed you off Mr Fargo!

I know you're a decent chap, with a beautiful brain!!! (Me just an English scumbag!)

We're all scumbags. But Fargo isn't one of them. He's actually quite respectful.

As for "The division of America is recognised globally." He's playing his part as a link without chains. Unfortunately though. It's the left that are so divisive aka his mate Biden and Kamala.

No worries though...........Fargo will come to his senses eventually
@diurnal you haven pissed me off in the least! On the contrary!
Mr Fargo is probably (if not almost) the most civil, humble and, err, youthful looking Australian Sex Beast I've ever had the misfortune to meet!!!! He's brainy and lovely!!!!heart wings
How do you keep a couple together who should never have been married? More money than sense. Don't bank on chemistry, bank on money.
Love, Chesney, Love!!! Love gets people through the hardest of times!heart wings
Hope you don't mind this Scottish beautiful nonsense on your blog!!! xxx

Keep being the Dude!wine
@diurnal how could I mind!
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