Biden is Succeeding at helping the USA citizens long term

Sure, Biden hasn't been perfect. He's made some mistakes.
However, he inherited a terrible mess from the previous "so-called" president,
and has in most situations, however not all, made things much better.

Most importantly, he is changing America long term for the better.
He's been helping the downtrodden to have a better life in America,
helping close the gap between the haves and the have nots.
It's ironic, that many of those downtrodden don't yet approve of his presidency.
Perhaps that will change, as they slowly better understand how Biden is helping.
Time will tell.

Yesterday from The Palm Beach Daily News;

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Rather than focus on what Biden has accomplished already, which is a lot, some whiners want everything perfect in Biden's first year in office. That's never happened for any president.
Yet, they focus on transient things like the inflation rate, and the price of gasoline.
Those things seem to matter, but in reality Americans now have more disposable income despite those increases in costs. So net. they haven't really negatively affected most Americans. It just seems that way, because no one likes paying more for anything.

The inflation rate will come back down. More Americans are working than at anytime since the first few months of the pandemic and there's lots more jogs to come from the infrastructure bill that Biden passed.

The gas price is less important. This is because we are in a transitory period to switch to more renewable sources of energy, which will become more commonplace and more environmentally friendly.
So, over time, oil & gas will become less & less important. Indeed, a higher price at the pump will help hasten that. Like Obama, Biden released a lot of reserves to ensure that there will be no shortages during this transitory phase. So again, it's a temporary situation.

Remember, that the last "so-called" president promised he would pass a infrastructure bill, but never did in 4 years. He told us, he was a builder and nobody could do it better than him. roll eyes He couldn't wait to raise the national debt though, by giving the rich permanent huge tax cuts.

Biden passes a comprehensive infrastructure bill in his first year. thumbs up

It's only been less than a year since Biden took the helm. He's accomplished a lot more than a lot of people expected him to, and he's got at least 3 more years to accomplish more. Quit the whining and be part of the solution, rather than a hindrance to progress. head banger

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