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Being a Male is a matter of Birth
Being a Man is a matter of Age
But being a GENTLEMAN is a matter of choice

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@ Grad
Can you please justify why He is the mandunno
The looks @ times doesn't show whoconfused handshake wine
That is verry true, i usualy say that " we chuse what we want to be, and we make that choice every day, every hour, every minute " and somethimes you can get the chance to be someone's heroe " a gentleman " or you can chuse not to be ...anyway very nice and sorry for not sharing a screanshot at the time
Fargo thumbs up
That is more than 500K likes laugh teddybear Thanks handshake wine
That is so true
Generation today might have forgot being the man they are but later it will be their own choice to be someone better than a male handshake Thanks for your positive insight wave wine
My freind from Christmas Island

is must be true

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Hey Swamie

Christmas Island is a true tropical paradise,
foundation of the Christmas Island National Park preserves the tropical rain forest and the many endemic species of plants and animals including the red crabs

Beautiful Beautiful Red Crabs

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I think I misunderstood the blog.
I will never be a gentleman, I find gentlemen boring tbh rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
But I'm trying to give love, support and other nice stuff.

purple heart
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How about thaaat? grin
Hey Kal
Don't tell me that's you laugh just joking
Well that makes the trending screenshots todaylaugh hug smitten
No worries you're doing fine thumbs up
Have some to share wave handshake

Christmas Island should be in my neck of the woods. Lovely place to dream and I would take that parade escape in a heartbeat. Maybe visit the crabs some day.. Would need a heavy seditive for sleeping, not air travel friendly. I need to be in control of all flights. I hate flying. laugh
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