Warning about Hell

There is Heaven and there is Hell.
To go in heaven,you need believe and obey Jesus christ, obey two greatest commandments:1. love God
with all heart.., 2.love your neighbours as yourself. and then 10 commandments in exodus in bible.
Forgive your friends and enemies.repent of your sin and improve and sin no more.do good and away from evil. pray for protection and salvation. do good and do no bad.
Hell is so terrible,those who go in hell are those who don,t believe and not obey God,those who rebell
against God. those who do bad and not repent and not improve,those who don,t forgive:goes in hell.
So repenting and improving is for to be forgiven,and so till you are alive when need you can repent and improve.
When you die, is too late to repent and improve if you have not repent and not improve while you was alive.
so you go in hell if you didn,t repent and didn,t improve.
Hell is so terrible ,those who go in hell suffer fire,tortures and attacks from evil demons and so are killings
and destruction.It is so terrible that you feel and see so many sufferings and so many perish.
So is all bad to be in hell.
one hour in hell is so much suffer but those who are in hell suffer so long many years.
So don,t be stupid and don,t be deceived and misleaded from evil to go in hell. those who are in hell
wish to do all things for to not be in hell,but they can,t go out of hell because judgement is made for them and so they will suffer all their sin in hell.
God bless you.

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