The Carlyle Group, David Rubenstein, and the war on Trump

This is a fascinating article, and a real eye-opener on the shadowy organisations and players - in this case the Carlyle Group and David Rubenstein - deeply enmeshed in the war against President Trump throughout his presidency. This organisation and this person are connected to every major event in U.S. politics throughout Trump's presidency - from the RussiaGate (fabricated) scandal, to the engineered UkraineGate impeachment (where it was only Quid Pro Joe who took part in any Quid Pro Quo), to the 2020 election via the acquisition of Dominion Voting Systems in 2018, and even - in the case of Rubenstein - ties to the much talked about Event 201 (and less talked about Clade X) which preceded Covid-19 but ultimately served as a roadmap for government-corporate-news coordination in response to the pandemic. A must read:

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