Covid Holidays

The first Christmas party at our community center was fun for neighbor friends, I actually had a great time.

The party I was looking forward to is the one my sister throws in her house that is spacious enough to house all us when the extended family (cousins) is invited. This year 30 of us were going on Sat. Not Mom & Dad though. On Friday my sister tested positive for covid so sent out a group text to cancel, she is pretty sick and just had chemo for her Lupas so she can't get the covid cocktail everyone asked her to get.

Another cousin stepped in and said she would host but before we could respond she got notified her brother was in ER from a car accident so cancel again.

I ended up with a house full of people because my granddiva flew in from CA (hot zone), My son and ex drove in to see her along with my daughter. My house is big enough to accommadate everyone but there is no parking however we made do. I had a most wonderful day myself which caused me to wake up on cloud 9 today.

I'm ready to take down my itty bitty tree to relax. I have a sincere wish that everyone has a happy & safe holiday. May you actually feel happiness that is out there to enjoy.
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So good to hear that you spent time with your family, despite the obstacles. Hoping your sister has a quick and full recovery from COVID.

Happy and safe holidays to you too.
Good glad you enjoyed we have a few community parties coming up for New Year. I would suggest to them who want to attend---take lateral flow test, if all clear we can then all relax and bring in the New Year and hope for a better year to come teddybear
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