The truth Behind the truth 3

There are 2 types of truth. 1 our truth is what we want to believe in but which can change
and ... 2 The true truth, which does not change according to what we believe but which can change our truth.
We humans generally base ourselves, establish our faith or truth based on what we see and sometimes on what we feel. Based on these 2 elements we establish what is true for us and sometimes we come to strongly believe that this is the one and only truth. And I tell you the truth, there are cases where our truth is the same as the truth, but there are cases where the truth is totally different from our truth, and it happens that sooner or later we find out what we believe and what it is. actually true, these are 2 different things. This is the moment when the True truth comes to change our truth, that is, what we believe in. I apologize for not coming up with examples in this situation but I hope you understand what I mean, there are enough examples in the life of each of us ... we just have to see it. Thank you for your attention and time cheers sad flower
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Buddhist view observes existence of ultimate truth's and or truth's arising in interdependence.

ultimate truth's:
Ultimate truth is, on this definition, a phenomenon (dharma) that is ultimately existent, and ultimately existent are ultimately causally efficient. Phenomenon that is ultimately causally efficient is intrinsically or objectively real, existing in and of itself as a “unique particular” (svalak?a?a).

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I was brought up in a church school, the truth was God.

As i got older i studied different religions, they all had a god, someone to worship.

So i went on and studied how real life in the here and now was, some good folk some bad folk.

Later I read about the angels coming down from the sky, debunked by folk saying this was aliens coming down to earth doh

What could be my truth, i find it changes as i experience more of life so i do not have one truth i just live in the here and now. teddybear
EXRED3 thank you milady for your time and suport. Yes in the last few years people do not know what to belive in any more and there are many conspiracy and many religions but i can ashure you that there is a God and life after Death. It is good to live here and now and very day like it is the las one but we have to not forget to keep in mind that death is not the end and the life after this one is the one that matters most ....that is the one that last's forever not this one ( thought been told we tend to put a better price on this life and what we feel and see here ) anyway thank you again sad flower sad flower sad flower teddybear happy Holidays
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