Paul McCartney...

I've always admired the song writing skill/talent of Paul McCartney.
Having only seen him perform live once about 12 years ago when ticket prices were $250, I coughed up the money. It was the last show of his US tour and I didn't think there would be another South Florida Show after this.
I went with a friend who was a dedicated Beatle fan and the people who were behind us caught Paul's 2 previous concerts in Florida. They joked about being arrested for stalking him.
79 year old famed bassist, guitarist, pianist, singer songwriter, vegetarian, positive thinker, billionaire, grants interviews and acknowledges fans who have bought his music and followed his career for more than 4 decades.
Giving up the ghost and letting his white hair show through the dye, he's been overdue for another face lift.
In an undated interview, Paul gives out some interesting background to some of the collaborative efforts that went into Beatle and solo songs.

Have a listen...

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One of the best episodes of Carpool Karaoke was with Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke (Deleted Scenes)

Beatlemania is still alive...
Him and John Lennon wrote some great song s.Them and the Beatles loved.looked up to Elvis.
My era girls screaming until they fainted doh I do remember my boss at the time for a xmas outing was to take us to see the beatles mmmm they were just new, but i preferred going to see an Elvis film. Then the beatles became famouse and i loved them tooapplause applause
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