Students often ask 'What is it to be Australian'

Tonight, having spent 2 weeks gorging out on the Italian Napolitan drug gang series Gomorrah, I happened to look up the old Jack Irish series on ABC TV and discovered two Jack Irish Specials. Watching and hearing the laconic ironic slightly tongue in cheek script I thought, that's partly it. You won't hear such smart flip witty self-deprecating dialogue elsewhere, such tart humour, will you. The Italian series was totally devoid of humour, slick and bloody though it may have been.

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Perhaps you should ask Pat? It's amazing when a dinkie die ocker has no come back. Perhaps Pat should trade his passport in whilst following mummy around in Finland with his "9th gen passport" on holiday.

Poor wee Pat, the guy that hates Kiwis yet would be lucky if he was a 4th gen let alone a """"9th gen"""". LOL

I pity him

@mrbod what the hell - you take this thread to be an opportunity to attack another here? Go and jump into Mount Ngauruhoe.
Yes. You're quite right Fargo. The Xmas cheer got the better of me. What can I say apart from......I meant every word I said.

If you can't handle the piss, give it a miss... You're making a goose of yourself, again.
To address the topic, it means different things to different people. We're generally a country of migrants, maybe 3 or 4 % indigenous. Am I more Australian than somebody who arrived later and settled here? On paper, no. In reality yes. Indigenous folks may see me as less so than them. It Mildly amuses me folks can be jealous of another person's distant relatives migrating in the 1700's, when their distant relatives migrated 20 or 25 years later.

In comparison to most other countries have been to, we're spoiled rotten. Great standard of living, excellent medical system, welfare safety net etc etc. We do have a lot of unique and interesting wildlife, many of which are potentially dangerous. But we do our thing and don't take it too seriously.

Maybe others are fed an image that we all eat nothing but vegemite and barbecued shrimp (prawns we call them) and drink fosters. Paul Hogan presented an image which is pretty much a comical exaggeration, but it did wonders for our tourism. For such a large country, there is little diversity of Australian accents, a few words are different in Perth or Adelaide but nothing compared to English accents which can be completely different 30 miles down the road. We don't have anything like the class systems others do,

I like visiting other countries and seeing how they do things, I also like coming home afterwards.
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