The Trial of the cut down tree [Part II]

The Trial of the cut down tree
[Part II]
"We are not guilty, the rich one is guilty, for he gave the orders" some of them, said in a plead for being absolved. While others, among them, even more loudly, advocating their cause by "we are not guilty because all we did was to follow the orders".

Those beset in jail, asked for reasoning, upon their statement that the rich one should be found guilty and charged for everything, because was he who gave the orders. They did not wanted to admit that was their wrongdoing, justifying it accordingly.
Yet, each of them were asked by the prosecutors: "How about the other ones perspective, who have chosen to lose their jobs, just to not cut down that tree?! Some of them even had family to feed, and still! They have chosen not obey their master. What can you say about this new perspective?!"
Thus the judges concluded that their cause brought forth to ask being expelled from the trial and charges being removed, it is not justified.
But they still insisted they have no blame, and all the blame should be upon the rich one, because if he would not have given the orders, none of the trees wouldn't be cut down, and if the rich one would have told them which tree to cut, they would not end up cutting whole forest. Even more, from them, some claimed that was the rich man's wrong doing, for refusing each of the trees they cut. Even they dared to say all was plotted against them, from the beginning, for leading them to cut down whole forest, and end up in jails and with their families broken for good.
When they were asked about the others, the workers who quit their job when they have heard about cutting the 1st tree, the culpable ones, rise out of their shoulders, as if they did not understood. Then, a grimace on their faces, when were presented evidences that after the few workers left, others followed as well, when they were cutting the 1st tree and that has been refused, then, on turn, when they were cutting another tree, that being refused as well. And more conclusive, many of the workers have left when they heard that news of cutting down whole forest, and some of them even being violently treated by the others who were willing to destroy whole place. Even so, hearing of these all new accusations, the ones charged with the crime, violently protested, saying it was also the other worker's fault, for this interpretation, and they have denied every involvement into the matter. More, they were raising accusations that the other workers being paid to come and testify, or that they were working from the rich one's behalf, into setting them up with the charges for which they are jailed, - and some, even dared to say all was a plot so that the rich one to end up with a big deal of fortune from the cut down trees, while also confiscating their homes and taking all their possessions, while they should not be guilty of anything and whole blame should be thrown upon the rich one and his complicit to such crimes.

Weither these were reasonable enough or not, into this inquiry, one of the judges brought forth this question, to the entire court:
"If one gives the order and the other one obey - both are carrying the same weight of the trial, or not?!"

[end of part II]


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