Interesting. 'Where is Jim' has been deleted. By whom and why?

the deletion of Jim for a start was curious, but why also the thread asking 'why'?
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I thought he was a pretty good bloke, actually...
Uncle Trump paid me till the end 2021, no need to hang past the objective. Was Jim smitten with Miss Lou
Who is 'where is Jim?'
"By Whom ... "
Unless I'm mistaken, the only options would be the Mods or the OP.

" ... And Why?"
If it was the Mods - I've No idea.

I cannot speak for that blog's OP, secretagent, but I can say This.

Long story short -
She'd posted a comment to the effect that the thread was going in such a way that she regretted having posted the blog.
It was not long/many comments thereafter that the blog was deleted.

I don't KNOW, but strongly suspect it was deleted by the OP.

secretagent had posted a blog wherein she asked why she'd not seen any JimNastics blogs for awhile.

secretagent had posted a blog wherein she asked why she'd not seen any JimNastics blogs for awhile.

'Where is Jim' is not a person -
It's the title of secretagent's blog that's gone missing.

That's the fella, alright.................head banger
It turned into a pile-on against someone not able to defend themselves. Sure, I'm not a fan of his work, maybe he is not a fan of my work, but it's not fair play if he can't sling some mud in return.

And, I don't think you're supposed to name other posters in a blog title.
He might be on some other site, somewhere..........
I did a reverse image about year in half he had four other sites and I dug into some odd image and I posted it and he dumped it quick but he was younger and well It was funny.
That's what happened on the "Where's Jim" blog that caused agent to get Blog Remorse over having posted it.

It's certainly Plausible that the Blog Remorse motivated agent to delete her blog.

Looks like the piling on might Continue Here & perhaps our esteemed OP will eventually develop a case of Blog Remorse ... MMmmm??

I stopped coming onto the blogs due to the crass comments from so called educated people who ,thankfully, seem to have been kicked out of their own "libraries.

I'm sorry to see that others got dragged into the affray and will miss Jim's nature blogs. His heart was in the right place ,whilst others had no heart just control freaks running amok.sigh
I like Jim but my comments are my own choice and well He got a taste of cold hearted loving.. I personally would have not dug into Jims image not that he chocked My comment on his blog. He is no more than a weasel in reference doing that...professor
I Know, Right, Moth?!

The number of highly educated perfessers of towering Intellect on here is awesomely amazing.
And they so Very often Remind us of their Intellectual superiority -
Which is Good, because we'd never guess they're geniuses on account of they do so Damned Little to Demonstrate it,

I liked Jimnastic. He is/was a great guy. He looked just like my father in his younger years. Every time I looked at his pic I thought about my dad who passed in 2012. sigh
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