RAFAH refugee

Anyone experienced refugee asking for money on this site? Is it just me who has found themselves in this situation after a number of messages to and fro? I would be very interested to know.
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No. And I cut off people who ask for email addresses and phone numbers. You've definitely got a scammer.
Thanks spectre. I normally do the same, but in this case I had been messaging for a month and thought we had built a more than good relationship. Then you get the dreaded message, can you send me some money? Not just that, but via a third party who would receive my money through western Union and pass it to her. She didn't have a bank account and couldn't access a WU shop herself. Part of me wants to believe, but too risky as third party could legitimately keep money. She doesn't seem to see this risk.
Your friend handicapd?
She has a mother, brother, son or other relative or is this friend of hers called Lisa?

Now why do the two of you not go to a video service like skype,
zoom, line or wechat, whatsapp or one of the other big ones.

I would do that before even considering sending anything anywhere.
That hat of yours... I wonder if they see that and think he gullible...
No I never been asked.
I sent a 1000 dollars once to a blogger here but
I've known that person in and out for years!
Email, skype, 500mails here etc. Have phonenumber, know the address
And that money was transfered to the persons account, not the dodgy WU.

You crazy?
I haven't sent any money. They don't have bank account or relatives. No I'm not crazy and didn't think my hat made me look gullible.
Sorry but you are dealing with a scammer for sure
They can email you for months if they think it will pay off
going through a second party is only so you won't find out who you are dealing with
she is trying to protect herself ( if, you are dealing with a woman)..................wave
Thanks Jenny. I know it must be a scam, but she deserves an Oscar for the performance of the year. I suppose part of me is sad and wishes that she was genuine.
Crown I so understand,
My scammer used his driver. He was very clever
I had been stupid of using in my profile the town I lived in
He claimed to live in the same town............
Very smart scammer
When I asked him for our postal code, he had it correct
Looked like he had prepared himself well even mentioned a well known street in our town
Yep he was smart but he was a scammer...................wave
I did give money to a gal in Thailand (having been there I should have known better) but that was 20 years ago and she wasn't on here. I had seen her regularly on Skype for months. If there's no meeting in the flesh, forget about even phone numbers or email let alone money.
We all wanna feel useful Crown, I understand.
I gave my fav gypsy here in Oslo a 50pound note for xmas once.
Anther homeless dude a 20.
There is other ways to help too, if one gets a tiny bit creative.
Happy new year.
I've just had another message from this person. I've not opened it or replied to the last one. No doubt it will wish me a happy new year. I have decided to not open any more. Why do I still feel undecided about the situation?
Crown, scammers have a way to leave you feeling guilty, a misplayed guilt really
I would end it by simply saying; "Sorry but wish to no more correspond"..................wave
Thanks Jenny. I know you're right but I also hate to think of all the info I have given to her. A lot of it personal. I would love to catch her out now and I think I have a way of doing it. It's just whether I want to be bothered and just leave it.
A happy new year to you anyway and the other folks who have shown interest.
If you met the person here then they can read everything you post. So whatever plan you decide to put into action I would act with a level of caution. One might even consider the authorities if need be.

Never underestimate a persons ability to seek you out.

Thanks oxy. Good point. Never underestimate the enemy.
Do you ever think that a scammer may set out to achieve financial reward, but actually gets to like the person and gets involved to the point of wanting to have a relationship?
OP - that is extremely rare and from the sound of it, you are not wholly convinced the said person is taking advantage of you.

Whoever they are is trying to spin you and as I said before act with caution and you have to try and let go of any emotional attachment that has taken seed.

Once in that emotional web it is easier said than done to cut ties because one is left wondering so many things and so many unanswered questions.

Yes that's right. I always wonder if the person I am communicating with is the person in the photo, or it is being used to create an image, but the individual involved in messaging is a different person, even not the same sex. That gives me the creeps.
Try to let it go C. And don't worry about priv info, that is their living.
They almost could work as life coaches after all these years of scamming lol.
Forgive em' they come from poor countries so...

I remb when I was here last time a PERFECT christian girl from the united states
wrote me in the most charming way. Then suddenly it struck me.. this is too good..
I learned from that but it was pure luck.

This can happen to us all.
@OP - trust your instincts (if something gives you the creeps, or for any other reason).

Don’t get to the point where you are let down and have to pick up any pieces.

I got caught up in a sick horse i cannot afford medicine for story once upon a long time ago, phoned persons neighbor etc etc
Turned out the person had prior convictions obtaining money by deception. Just block and forget
People can only get scammed if they want to be scammed.

Like forest gump said

"Stupid is what stupid does"

Read this link and from now on believe only half of what you see and nothing you hear...

Oh and I have a sick child/dog/mother and need $20,000 to pay a lawer to claim on my behalf my inheritance of $5,000,000 locked in a Swiss Bank account

Please send the money ASAP
so we can start our life together

I recognise most scammers instantly, but sometimes because they are so common, when a genuine person comes along the suspicion is always there and every word is treated with caution, when in fact they may for once be telling the truth and they never get someone to believe in them.
Probably some confused arab thinking this site has a lot of anti semitic members after one of the forum posters continually posting anti Jewish forums .
No it is only you the scammers target.
It is the hat. They know everyone with Western hats has lots of money to give away. I suggest switching to a baseball cap or a fez to keep the scammers away.
There is never a good reason to ask for money on here. Please understand that. Flesh and blood hookers ask for money and do deliver something. Internet hookers deliver nothing but shame.
I repeat: If you haven't met her physically her request for money should be treated as an insult. If you study what she's sent, you will find faults in what she's claimed about who she is.
Reagarding scammers. Right now got an mail here at cs.
Red nice lamp up on the usually quiet
balck line. Johoooo someone cares.
Oh wooow a really good looking and natural too... (not a super model)
36y old from some california or something. Usually not Oregon or Nevada..
I will not reveal why I knew it was a scammer (dunn wanna teach them)
but maaan that text of 'hers'.... could fool you... tellinya'
It's copy pasted you see - from some profile the scammer liked probably here at cs!
You know..... shiii: that was a full page of text and clever stuff, well written.

That particular scammer is probably as clever as yours Crownaffair.

So again, don't beat yourself up over this.
The rule is: if it's too good to be true it normally is!
They prey on our greed/need for a good catch.
There are more scammers here than honest people. You never get one that blogs. I have not opened the current message for 2 days. Opened it this morning out of curiousity. It said, Don't you want to talk to me? I haven't replied.
Right, them many sc(a)umbags, but I still see hope inbetween myself.

So how much money is she asking for dunno
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