Happy New Year Weather

This morning when I opened the door to go outside with Bella to potty, it was warm already. Floridians could wear short shorts and a tank top today in comfort while watching news reports of unfathomable cold weather elsewhere.

Guess everything is a trade off. To live in a winter paradise is amazing as long as you don't get blown away during the summer hurricanes or tornadoes.

In these golden years I look back and am so grateful I didn't have to deal with driving to work 5 or 6 days a week in ice and snow. I loved wearing a light sweater going to work in the winter. Also not having to scrape the car or shovel snow to get to the car doh starts a morning off much more enjoyable.

Maybe that is why I wake up disgustingly happy every morning ready for 3rd gear.

On a side note I believe my happy mental state of mind happened when I finally dumped some old festered anger from my psyche. I so very rarely get angry anymore and I never hang on to it if I do. That is a very different attitude then when I was young, pretty, full of piss, vinegar and anger. Hard work to let it go but gone it is and I celebrate that everyday.

Happy New Year folks
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hug Fay
Gloat much? ... mumbling


A Happy & Prosperous '22 To Fay & All Y'all!

I like Florida too... the expected high today should be around 84F
Traditional Italian New Year's Lentils For A Happy & Prosperous '22 ...

Full agreement with you and i wish you a very angerless new year teddybear teddybear
Happy New Year UnFayzed!

Can't wait until I'm moved down to Boynton Beach next month!dancing
Yeah we're expecting 4-9 inches of snow tomorrow and then bitter cold behind it. I'm glad that I don't
have to go anywhere. Oh well, can't change the weather dunno

Happy New Year!!!!
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