Making New Years resolutions

Many people try to avoid making New Years resolutions for whatever their reason may be. However, I for one actually enjoys making at least one to start the new year off. Sadly, many of the ones I have made over the years had failed to stick. rolling on the floor laughing

That's not going to stop me again this year. Have always thought making resolutions were fun, and trying to improve oneself. That's how I look at it.

Have you made any resolutions over the years, and was it a success, or bust?

Plan on making one for the upcoming year, and if so, care to share?
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YES!!! Mine is not to buy anything using my credit card this year.

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i quit with resolutions years ago.

i've found i don't need them. if it something i'm serious about, i just do it and things generally come to fruition, at least close to what i intended or better.
One of my resolutions is I'm going for less drama....MUCH less.rolling on the floor laughing
Sitting on the bedside shelf for several years now have been four books. The World of Tiers (Philip Jose Farmer) , Goedel Escher Bach (Hofstadter), A Brief History of Time (Hawking) and Stone Sky Gold Mountain (Riwoe). All have been started, but it is now many years since I spent a day on my back reading at length. I am resolved to finish all four this year! It will take a huge effort of will to lie in and just read. No keyboard in the offing.
I generally do not make New Year's resolutions. I do, however, try to set goals for the upcoming year.
Sometimes it's as easy as say saving X amount of dollars more per month or losing 20 lbs. by next New Years.
For me, resolutions are too difficult to keep and I end up just being aggravated.
Happy new Year!! danceline
Great... 2 weeks of people bumming cigarettes off me, before they start buying their own again.
Mine is bucket list grin ticked as things get done throughout the year. Those not ticked carried over to new year-------unless i have gotten tooooooo old to do them blues laugh

Bungy jump scold nope

balloon flight applause

helicopter flight over Northumberland applause

mmmmmmm the list gets smaller but i am sure to add a few

Happy New Yearteddybear
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