DeSantis: January 6 is media's 'Christmas'

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"Indeed, when it comes to melodrama, histrionics, and exploitation of fear levels from the 1/6 riot, there has never been any apparent limit. And today — the one-year anniversary of that three-hour riot — there is no apparent end in sight. Too many political and media elites are far too vested in this maximalist narrative for them to relinquish it voluntarily."

I watched Ol' Joe's speech - Unless I'm mistaken, he Never used the words "Insurgency" or "Insurrection", referring to the events of 1/6 as a "Mob".

That's Strong Evidence that the events Did Not rise to the legal definition of Insurrection/Insurgence.
If the events Had met those legal definitions, Ol' Joe's handlers/speech writers would've had him using the terms in Every Sentence.

What DeSantis said 'bout Murkuns being more concerned with Congress ignoring issues that affect them than the Politburo-Style Inquest ... Nailed It! ... thumbs up

Congressional ('C)rats see the blood bath looming in the '22 Mid-Terms & are deserting their sinking ship -
Retiring rather than go down in Humiliating Defeat ...
.... With Damned Good Reason!
Check out how Bettors are putting their money on Control of Congress ...

We are seeing the brith of a Banana Rrpublic
How very nice going Bananas
banana banana banana banana

Long Live Nero
cheering cheering cheering
nothing can beat the Dutch and Jamaica!comfort
After burning Rome the Peoples of Rome
wants Nero back

We might call this Poetic Justice

Show Time
cheering cheering cheering
Even Ol' Joe's supporters now have Voter's Remorse ...

Election Betting Odds suggest Murkuns would (Will?) prefer The Don ...

comfort comfort comfort
Take a look at your slef

Take one good look at your slef

Last year all the world saw what had happend
By a Guy who killed his Intern?rolling on the floor laughing
Christmas not. Our republic is coming to a close. Doomed.
Only Ten Months 'til the Mid-Terms -
A thorough House (and Senate) Cleaning to get rid of a few Marxists will make things Lots More Optimistic.

very happy

Fight, Fight, Fight, Big Bag Of Rats.. yawn

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You Are All Equally Awful And Deplorable.. wave
Nielsen: January 6 was Leftist MSM Ratings "Nightmare" ...

The US lefties' Reichstag fire ...rolling on the floor laughing
Brain check | wing Services....
If you are yet UN aware of the RNC Email s to "Patriots" on their manifest..pre Jan. 2021
..and you haven't heard what Lindsay Graham was doing...when the Invaders broke thru..
It boils down to one thing*
Actually 2...) You've been out FOXED
& you are not using the skynet web machine to its full potential.
* Btw..there is no joy in pointing it out..) Graham was telling-- that is yelling- at police to shoot the Invaders.
McBob.) Not shot because they were mostly paid crisis actors. Please kill your TV tonight.
You're Damned Right It Was -
It REEKS so of "False Flag" & Agents Provocateur that it's Embarrassing ...
See Playlist @ -


Posted on YouTube Two Hours Ago -

Ted Cruz links an acknowledged FBI Asset with the Jan. 6 Riot -
And Presses an FBI spokesperson on FBI Involvement ...

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