Bombshell documents leak exposing Fauci and Daszak further

They lied about conducting gain of function research. They went to DARPA to ask for the research to be conducted and DARPA turned them down, considering the research to be too risky and dangerous. They ignored DARPA and had research conducted in Wuhan AND VARIOUS SITES IN THE U.S. wow They knew about the anti-viral efficacy of both ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. Fauci lied to Congress. They tried to cover it up. And now they're caught.

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Do you know what Chancer the more i read of goes on (corruption) from leaders and so called esteemed people i despair moping What a world doh
The people should ask for his immediate removal from his job and charged and jailed, this is what they would do if it was some average person , and he is no better !!
the corruption is endemic. It's the culture. Until we have such people removed and held accountable, and meaningful reforms put in place, it will continue.
Does anyone else just glaze over when the same members continually post hyperbolic, unsubstantiated, nut job information from completely obscure, non-peer reviewed, whacko sites - and expect to have any credibility for it?

It appears CS blogs has become a refuge for the marginalized looney-tune far right to have a surreptitious fondle of each other.


Ha! You don't need a long neck to be a goose.
It appears CS blogs has become a refuge for the marginalized looney-tune far right to have a surreptitious fondle of each other.

Nailed it! thumbs up
keep your head in the sand all you like. It must be a sad life. When Project Veritas brings receipts, you can be sure they're legit. They've never lost a court case for good reason. Whistleblowers within government, Big Tech, Media etc. go to Project Veritas for good reason, and that reason is Project Veritas can be trusted to take the claims seriously, vet them, and release important information to the public. It is beyond any doubt now that Anthony Fauci, the top public health official in the U.S., funded gain of function research(research that genetically modifies animal viruses to be able to transmit in humans) in Wuhan and elsewhere, in contravention of a ban on such research. He has since lied repeatedly about that fact and these latest leaks speak to a cover-up and criminality on a colossal scale. Instead of showing any concern about this - about the virus that has caused so much devastation and how it came to be - instead you rant like an infant and use the pathetic tactic of trying to shame the messenger rather than address the facts at hand. It is precisely people like you who enable people like Anthony Fauci and Peter Daszak to get away with the things they do. You should feel absolute shame.
is that from today's hearing, Fauci witnessing before Congress on several charges ???
Lots of Trolls and Goblins here on the blog these days
This blog is Hog-wash Chicken shit Dog shit and Bull shit too

doh doh doh

Project Veritas is an American far-right activist group founded by James O'Keefe in 2010. The group produces deceptively edited videos of its undercover operations, which use secret recordings in an effort to discredit mainstream media organizations and progressive groups. Project Veritas also uses entrapment to generate bad publicity for its targets, and has propagated disinformation and conspiracy theories in its videos and operations......

Just, well,....could a CS member be shown more of a fool.

I can pull up uncountable, factual, provable, indisputable evidence that the group you're spreading your legs for are, well, completely f&*^%$#% you up the a** - it must be painful.

Throw me another one - please.
The Project Veritas story dropped yesterday evening. The senate hearing with Fauci is currently underway now (watch below) - it would have been scheduled in advance
Blah blah blah you copy and paste a smear. We've seen this tactic a thousand times, by people who are lazy and uninterested in contributing anything positive to society. In any case, I've humoured you far too much already. If you wish to address reality (and facts) and the actually story, feel free to stay and participate. If instead you try to continue to post the same crap, your comments will be deleted. And the same goes for everyone else. Address the issue at hand, or take yourself elsewhere.
As it would seem well corruption is everywhere specially on western countries...
Though i wonder why people still believe they actually live in democracy when what they only get of so called democracy is barely the right to live and breathe...

Yep we live in a world that has anything but democracy.....
The very bad and sad thing is the masses turn a blind eye on corruption capitalism ...
doh doh doh doh

Evolved Human Kind....
doh doh doh doh
If only you 12 year old K I A $ *
.. would take a few minutes to read Chpt. 2 com. Manifesto.... DEMOCRACY IS THE 1$T STEP INTO COMMUNISM.
Cause of Death / Obituary
Left hand path / Entombed
..$ynthesis. } FULL COMMUNISM / Downtown boys
* know it all..
.. meanwhile.. CStepford Moderator update policy COVID blogs..yada yada...reach out & feel something...teddybear ...blah blah..
Jim & all like him. ) Yipee ! It's about time.
McBob. ) Please kill your TV tonight... similar to the way Brad Pitt killed the Manson chick in that Tarantino flick.
@MyLonerLife you must really have a loner life. I'll continue to delete your troll-worthy comments which violate the rules of my blog (which i've clearly laid out to you). I've also reported you for this fact. You could always set up your own blog, couldn't you? But i know how most people like you operate - you go to other people's blogs and attempt to sabotage and derail. Absolutely pathetic, but if you continue to be a moron and do more of the same, i'll just delete your rants and pathetic attempts to derail.
Write this down for reference..
There is NO far right in Amerika or anywhere else
.. except the initial $ingularity...void of space, without Time in Zero Gravity and lacking all essential periodic Elements beginning w/ hydrogen..} this right wing suddenly went ballistic with a large bang.
This brought- among other things- 70 quadrillion Tons of saltwater- from there...the Left Wing dominated all contingencies with $ P 1 N...M A J E K.. & $cienter.
gone way over your head,apparently?
Good new article here providing background of how various scientists were informing Fauci early on in the pandemic that they believed the virus makeup looked more consistent with something that was developed in a lab rather than of natural origin. Fauci (and his partner in crime - literally) Francis Collins were intent on keeping this quiet and keeping the truth from the public. Makes total sense now that we know 100% that Fauci had been funding gain of function research in Wuhan (and elsewhere) via the Eco Health Alliance (Peter Daszak).

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Just heard on the news...
China puts in Lock Down 3 cities = 20 mill citizens...

Though those vaccines do not seem to be working well...
And yet governments world wide say that is the only solution.....
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While at least in italy scientists hope that COVID will become a common cold after a number of vaccines SHOTS...

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Yep Capitalism Political Corruption and lined up tons of Lies...
Posted On YouTube Two Hours Ago ...

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If and stressing very much IF true what she's reading perhaps Fauci is to be put to death?

If it was for me?
100 bullets on his head and be done with it...

cheers cheers cheers
So far i haven't seen any and i mean ANY FRACKING ACTUAL PROOF,that covid is natural virus.
So far i haven't seen any actual proof that proves wrong the theory Covid wasn't made in a lab,but i've heard tons of bla blla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla..

While in hospital end up folks that are vaccinated and not..

So folks spare me the bla bla bla that any govt world wide put out and its pretty clear that many govt knew about covid but nobody said a word...
I want to see actual proofs like the papers of the committee....

With dates names and actual words written on it by some so called scientists..
Talking doesn't help in some cases... but its just bla bla bla bla bla bla bla

cheers cheers cheers cheers
yet another pile o' poopoo if you ask me. For pete's, when's this gonnae end. mumbling
Just heard on the news Fauci warns EU that within 2 months 50% of Europeans will be infected with Omicron...

Well a.s.s.hat corrupted f**kers Fauci i already knew it since it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand it that in short time a number of people will be infected by it...

cheers cheers cheers cheers
scold naughty i agree sometimes with the man and sometimes not I AM NOT A LOONY by the way grin

I have found corruption around the world is escalating mmm does that make me a loony ?????
Yet good chunk of people still believe ain't real corrupted politicians world wide...
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Its actually hard to swallow the pill of knowing the politicians u voted to get elected are actually corrupted...
And its very bitter pill,so most turn a blind eye to it...
In the meanwhile politicians a.s.s. kissing try to change the narrative and paint those specific politicians as saints...
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
$cience update..
The common cold is a Corona a crown a Corona virus...

Scientiferous update 2...
.. already got the new $train... after 700 daze to Flatline the curve & Economy
The new strain is unofficially being called
Nutcake non vaxx right wing wherewolf variant
... asymptomatic-- the most dangerous of all possible symptoms.
Perfectly legal in the US to ignore DARPA. Under US law no agency of the government has authority over any other agency of the government without a specific act of Congress granting them that authority. A case in point was in the prelude to the Bay of Pigs with the CIA arming various anti Castro groups in the US while the FBI and the BATF were running around raiding the training camps and confiscating the weapons only to have new weapons shipments arrive from military bases the same day or the next (ususally within an hour of ATF leaving the training camps). DARPA is purely a research organization of our War (defense) department. No one not funded by them has to pay any attention to them.

Truth Leaks Out
The COVID origins scandal was genuine, worthy of the world’s best investigative reporters—who ignored it.
I find it unique that a more serious virus nobody seems to be aware of is taking place. It's causing more problems of division and differences of opinions between everyone and what greater conquest that a dictatorship under Socialist ideals is to conquer and divide.

So, what we got here is a failure to get along with one another. Does anyone really think that the virus itself doesn't care about the opinions or its creation of it?
Armchair scientists behind a profile on CS who spend their time and energy pointing fingers at the medical science community looking for substantiation of various claims from other opinions of who said this or that or who knows the truth between the lies.
The real problem is people are dead because of it.
Much like the black plague during the 15th century that wiped out most of Europe humanity suffered through it. Humanity suffered through many viruses and diseases on the physical scale.

Yet, a greater virus we still haven't cured is fighting and fussing over each other. All these movements and social uprisings like BLM and Antifa and CRT all to bring social division not the unity that some old coot preached.

So, now on a so called social site to bring people together to maybe find a girlfriend or boyfriend lover or marriage what do we really have but, fighting arguing criticism apathy division and the list goes on. It's typical playground bickering at recess.

At the end of the day we are alone looking for someone to choose a side. It may be wrong to think that governments in any country or society to create a sickness to reduce the world population as we are concerned of using up our resources to the brink of extinction yet, even on a natural scale if say a virus from space were to bring the same effect we would have a common enemy.

The bottom line is the cover up that someone made a virus to use to reduce the population. 7 billion people and counting. Modern medicine is making us live longer and it costs a fortune in medical insurance and expenses to keep us living and suffering that much longer. 150 yrs ago the average life span was around 40 years. Today we can make it to 100. The real problem is our quality of life not how long we live to suffer.

A cure to a virus that has shaped our behaviors and attitudes to constant bickering and fighting. They preach about weapons of mass destruction, I would suggest Covid is doing a good job of that.

We don't need DARPA or black ops or fancy stealth technology to kill we just need our paranoia and hatred.

You don't destroy from the outside because many will stand in solidarity. You destroy from within by reshaping the thoughts of people.

Slowly take away their rights their freedoms their hopes and dreams. We no longer raise our hands in worship to a God but, to surrender to an evil force disguised as hope and change. professor
I'm sceptical about all of this. I think it's better to focus on the disruption now that inflation is soaring.

Covid killed 1 in 1500 people and that 1 is typically someone who would have died soon anyway. Now compare that to how many die from the fallout, how many lives have been ruined. How much more numerous these people are, and how much more likely they are to be children. Extending life for the old rich has been paid for with many young lives. Some things never change.
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