Project Veritas is an American far-right activist group founded by James O'Keefe .

And while some may lie and say that Project Veritas has never lost a court case this is only because O'Keefe always settles out of court, so he can imply he has never lost a case while admitting he is always guilty of all and any charges made against him.

O'Keefe is a little shit and anyone who follows him sinks just like him.

For example:-
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Now, that's funny Mr far, post of the Year!!!! handshake
dont tell me, you`re a fact checker laugh
Nah, not really. It's just that on twitter, everyone's dumping whatever really and it's hard to tell the wheat from the chaff
you must be one of the few people who survived drinking the Jonestown kool-aide.
reporting people telling the truth is a crime? lol doh
O'Keefe is indeed a turd. Can't put it any other way. dunno
Phat my respect. That's the kind of an unintellectual this poster isrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing and claims himself a perfessor of towering intellect.

Survivor of the Jonestown cult.rolling on the floor laughing good one Phat.
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