Pfizer CEO Acknowledges The Two Jabs Provide "Very Limited Protection, IF ANY"...

But Claims The 3rd Offers "Reasonable Protection Against Hospitalization & Death".

See beginning @ 0:15 ...
Ee-yup - He Said it awright ... No doubt 'bout THAT!

Mind Y'all - As pointed out in the Commentary - It was initially at Least Implied (if not Outright CLAIMED) that the TWO Jabs would Provide IMMUNITY.

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From MSM - Which Rakes In Boo Koo Shekels From Big Pharma Adverts ...

Watch JUST The First 35 Seconds - That's All Y'all need to Know.
rolling on the floor laughing

@ 0:10 -
Pfizer CEO acknowledges the Two Jabs provided "very limited protection, IF ANY".

@ 1:30
CDC Director admits "overwhelming majority - 75% - of Covid deaths had AT LEAST Four Co-Morbidities"
What The Hell?!?!

"These people only have power over you If You Let Them." ... thumbs up

Aw, for once, it's not bollocks news, albeit incomplete.

The CEO in question said that 2 jabs DO NOT provide adequate immunity to the OMICRON variant. Keep in mind that the pfitzer vaccine was not designed for that variant. He also said that a 3rd jab provides REASONABLE immunity (and not even immunity) to omicron. Finally, he doubts a 4th jab would be any good claiming that 'we need additional research' to establish that. He said that they have an omicron specific vaccine in the pipeline but he doubts that that will be necessary.

This is and was to be expected all along by any reasonable human being and I do not understand why and what is making your (collectively speaking) jaws drop.

Pfizer did well while doing good. End of, right there and then until further news comes out.

Here, have a wee sip. beer
Israeli medico's have the forth Pfizer damaging people's immune system . One can but wonder does it just kick in come the forth jab or fook the hell out of victims immune systems at the third or second or the first fooken jab for that matter . And now those of us treated have to find out the hard way . We are lab rats and currently the control group is the un--vaccinated . The one's who are most affected by death .
Vaccinating The Planet Every Six Months Ad Infinitum Isn't Reality-Based ...
Some of the best news since Jan. 23 2020

Omicron is less severe and natural immunity works

I think I was not exposed to any covid pre Omicron confused

If omicron is as benign as they say the real danger is the eyes are taken off Delta .
But it will give protection from severe disease in the same way that catching the common cold 3 years ago does. So long as the body sees anything even remotely like covid your odds will improve.

Now whether those odds need to improve is another question. It's a moot point for most of us.
even more reason to concentrate on controlling Delta
Presuming the Pfizer CEO was referring to efficacy Specifically against Omicron & new Jabs will provide "reasonable protection against hospitalization & death" - Not Immunity - it may be Further Presumed that the Omicron Jabs may be obsolete with new variants.

As we cannot Jab the Planet even ONCE - let alone Every Six Months - There'll Always be Plenty of opportunities for the virus to produce Endless Variants.
* That's a Helluva Lotta opportunity to produce Endless Variants.

Also -
Informing Jab Refuseniks that the Original Two Jabs provide "limited, IF ANY" protection against the variants that are surging NOW, provides Damned Little incentive to take The Jabs ... talk to hand

One might draw a comparison to trying to sell Eight Track Tape Cassettes.

Pfizer has its interest in promoting boosters so they want to conceal the truth which is that the first dose is, by a country mile, the most important. With most people that's the only one you'd argue for if it was their health you care about. Pfizer is overselling.
"Controlling" a virus capable of producing endless variants is akin to herding cats. cats meow

During his '20 POTUS campaign, Ol' Joe promised he'd "shut down the virus, not the economy".
And NOW ...
The boosters are not much better than listening to the anti-vaxxers. The clerics and the witches etc
That is the point I'm trying to make , currently Delta is the killer , when another variant that kills like it then check options , till then manage Delta and ignore the rest . Since Omicron was identified 26 November its been constantly in the news while Delta has killed tens of thousands . Very few dead from Omicron .
I should point out , the vaccines are only buying time till either we get a real vaccine or covid kills quicker than it can spread ending pandemic .
So were is science only at the crap table. I'll leave this here for referance be back later to discuss high stake poker..

Embedded image from another site

Everthing else you missed

The Wuhan coronavirus does not yet constitute a public health emergency of international concern, according to an emergency committee convened by the World Health Organization.

"The advice to the , which is provided by the emergency committee, is that now is not the time” and that it is "too early to consider that this event is a public health emergency of international concern,” committee chairman Dr. Didier Houssin told reporters Thursday.

The announcement came shortly after the committee was convened over two days in Geneva to advise WHO leadership on the outbreak. The organization was expected to make an announcement Wednesday, but WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus then told reporters that he did not have enough information to make a decision, and the committee was asked to reconvene a second day.

WHO defines a public health emergency of international concern as "an extraordinary event" that constitutes a "public health risk to other States through the international spread of disease" and "to potentially require a coordinated international response." Previous emergencies have included Ebola, Zika and H1N1.

While Ghebreyesus praised the Chinese government and its cooperation with WHO on Wednesday, Houssin then expressed that the information they had from Chinese authorities was too limited and imprecise for the committee to make a recommendation that day. The committee remained divided — roughly 50/50 — over the course of the two-day meeting, Houssin said Thursday.

Advisers to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have told CNN they are concerned that Chinese health officials have still not released basic epidemiological data about the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, making it more difficult to contain.

WHO has played a number of roles in the international response to the outbreak, including coordinating with international authorities and researchers, as well as developing guidance for lab testing, treatment and prevention measures.
OR ... It reverts to a relatively benign variant -
"Measles-Level Contagious", but symptoms more like Corona Cold Symptoms.

If Omicron infects enough people & produces Immunity/Resistance (Herd Immunity)
It May be the variant that ends the Pandemic.

South Korea gets first supply of Pfizer's COVID-19 pills

Can't wait I need four to cover my first two prime shots and two boosters hell maybe a handful to out smart the next three shoots

I could eat these like smart pills...

hope they work
Per the Pfizer video | here are my notes for a future as yet- untitled McBlog...
The sub title though to use the internet..
Step One.) Gematrix- it's ADDICTIVE.. crunch crunch numbers because they don't LIE.
The Number } 2309.
Everything hereafter has alphanumeric equivalency.
This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius
We . Vs. Lizard. ) 2 3 0 9
Fortune favors the brave.
Echelon based at Pine Gap is the technological spy $ystem.. ) 2 3 0 9...{ .in Jewish Gematria..
For his number is Six hundred three score and six.
A taco sure sounds good right now.
What is the function of Surrender ?
.. Original search Term....
...part 2.. same term in simple gematria. ) 294
We, the Illuminati own you.
Vaccination and Immunization
The wonderful world of Oz.

..standby. ) those were just my Notes.. }
Hope for the best , plan for the worst . Flu chops and changes every few years , last one nailed some old guys from around here , another caught it late and is still suffering , damn near nailed me . Already there is more variants of covid and its not a yearly pattern .

Europe Crap EMA Agency for pharmaceutical stuff says that its too risky go over the third shot in short times like 3 4 months and it suggest to find other ways to prevent covid,,,

Vaccines are USELESS !!!

cheers cheers cheers cheers
Folks are likely clamoring for Boosters cuz the Pfizer CEO told 'em their Original Two Jabs provide "Very Limited Protection ... IF ANY" - See the OP.

Folks going Booster Crazy could make The Jabs WORSE than USELESS -
Once Again ...

Yet again the CS Fearmonger has posted a blog implying the vaccines are not working, against demonstratable proof they have saved countless lives.

The comment in the OP refers to Omicron and not all variants of covid 19. But interestingly the OP refrained from mentioning that fact to embellish his negative fearmongering agenda.

Recent comments from Pfizer Chief Executive Officer Albert Bourla on how two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine offer “very limited protection” against the Omicron variant of the coronavirus have been misrepresented online.

Some social media users claim the executive means the initial vaccinations were “a failure” or that the vaccine does not protect against COVID-19. This is misleading, as his comments were specific about Omicron.
At the bottom of the barrel there is always one end when its about medicines and vaccines,get even more fat the bank accounts of pharmaceutical crap we take...

I may be very old school but i still believe covid will be deleted from reality only when governments will act in better ways than just impose u to get jabs of vaccines,which has been proven they do not work at all to eliminate definitively covid...

So folks get ready for covid to hang around for few years to come....

wine cheers wine cheers wine cheers
It's Old News, Riz.

Whether he was referring Specifically to Omicron was raised by Kaz & already addressed in comments above.

It's NOT 'Bout ME -
Try - REALLY HARD - To Lose the Personal Attacks or Get The Hell Outta Here ...

Israel Study confirms Pfizer CEO's claim that current Jabs/Boosters provide Little Protection from Omicron ...
Mic you have no clue about science nor anything about how an actual vaccine works

You need to get a real grip on the truth & reality
I Know that "An Actual Vaccine" provides Long Term/Lifetime IMMUNITY against the disease for which one gets Vaccinated - e.g. Smallpox -
And it appears increasingly clear that the Covid mRNA Jabs do Not accomplish that.

Granted - They likely cause Symptoms to be Less Severe when one gets the disease.

Shall we review what's been brought up on this blog? - Yes. We Shall ...

Based on what Pfizer's CEO Acknowledged and what the Israeli Study reveals -
There's not a Great Incentive for one to get Jabbed -
Certainly not with the Original versions, as they apparently provide "Limited Protection - If Any" - against Current Variants.

As I said earlier above roll eyes
Getting the Original Jabs NOW would be like buying Eight Track Tape Cassettes.

Jabbing & ReJabbing may create problems with one's Immune System -
See one my comments to that effect above roll eyes

Folks may be becoming "Jab Obsessed" - Wanting New Jabs with New Variants.
Policy makers warn against getting too Many Booster Jabs too Quickly ...
All of THAT Said -

As also brought up in Two of my comments above roll eyes
Creating "Designer Jabs" for 1st World folks as New Variant emerge, while 98% of some 3rd World regions have NEVER been Jabbed is Questionably Ethical.

Natural Immunity i the best way to go?
Obvious along with treatment that perhaps are better than vaccines...

Pfizer was the lone vendor for Israel.
They went warp $peed before it took on
Coin of the Realm $tatus in Amerika..
..with over 90% of the population hit 4x with
The jabs....the covert infection has surged
9,000 % reported cases ( I rounded down..
... actual number higher, quoting from the Bongino
Report this morning..)
Omicron is surging in Israel , so are the dead from covid . 1+1= omicron not too mild this week
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