CDC Director Acknowledges "Overwhelming Majority Of Covid Deaths - Over 75% ...

Involve AT LEAST Four Co-Mobidities - People Who Were Unwell To Begin With".
See Beginning @ 1:15 ...
Ee-Yup - That's what she Said, awright - No doubt 'bout THAT.

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How MSM exaggerates Covid numbers.

A week or so ago, it was aired that US Reported ONE DAY Covid New Cases of over a Million - and earlier this week the number was claimed to be 1 1/2 Million.

That's both Technically True And Misleading.
Here are the US Covid numbers ...

Note that the SINGLE DAY numbers fluctuate widely & the 7 Day Average number is significantly less than a Million.
It's Very High ... But NOT A Million.

MSM Reported the One Day Spike - And Ignored the more accurate 7 Day Average.

Or maybe the way the statistics is interrupted is not in line with your own based opiniondunno
See the Timeline - And Judge For Y'all's Selves ...
I had also seen that woman talking about changing the ways deaths were counted after one had received the vaccine and / or booster. Imagine that!!! So you receive the vaccine and get hit by car and die from your injuries and now she thinks it's unfair to call it a post vaccine death? Where was she 2 years ago when the same was done (and probably still is) to those that tested positive for covid, got hit by a car, died from their injuries yet were recorded as a covid death? So now it fits her narrative and we can just change the rules mid game? Such hypocrisy. The numbers have been jacked up from the git go but no one wants to change those. dunno
Some states want their thumbs under the scales others want theirs on the scale , because of the number of states there is an averaging effect . Cumo's 10,000 dead not recorded is a nothing yet one shot covid suffering is major news . When being lead by the nose careful to choose just what nostril to breath through . One co-morbitity in India , TB has 60 million die from it each year , they won't live long enough now to die from TB . Does not make TB less of a nasty affliction , but shows covid to be a worse one .
You want MY Take on it, kp?

A Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request forced the CDC to provide info regarding Covid & The Jabs.
The CDC responded that it'd take 'til 2097 - SEVENTY-FIVE YEARS - to fully comply.

A judge recently ruled that the CDC Must provide the info within Eight MONTHS.
Since that ruling, a Number of people have moved away from the former narrative(s) -
Like they now want to be seen as Whistleblowers, or get their stories Straight Before the FOIA Information is released.

As soon as I heard the CDC Director acknowledge the "overwhelming majority of Covid deaths involved Co-Morbidities", I presumed she wanted to be on record saying it Now - BEFORE it's revealed in the FOIA Into.

Between narratives being changed and whistleblowers coming forward, it's being said, "Truth bombs are gonna start dropping." ... devil

Co-Morbidities aren't New.
In '08, Fauci co-authored a paper concluding many (Most?) people who died during the Spanish Flu Pandemic did so due to Bacterial Pneumonia ...

I suppose one might say that someone with active TB has a Ticket to ride -
And getting Covid would Punch their ticket ... sad flower

Yes, mic. This is no news really. This is why over 60s are at highest risk of death.
Pretty tough when old age is a co-morbitidy , either way 2 to 2.5 thousand Americans dying per day either way
The outgoing United States Ambassador to China has denounced Beijing's initial handling of the Coronavirus, saying that "what could have been contained in Wuhan ended up becoming a worldwide pandemic. "

"The young may die - The old must die."
- My Grandmother

I heard her say that back in ... A Long time ago & it's always stayed with me.

A little less than a year ago, I saw an article claiming that covid had caused very little/no rise in the actual number of deaths in the preceding year.
If, as now claimed by the CDC Director, most of the deaths occurred among folks who were going to die of Something - Covid or Not ...
That'd explain the number of deaths Not Rising.

Covid acts as a catalyst, prompting a hidden illness to become potent, hence pneumonia and other types of illnesses causing death, to suggest covid is NOT the killer is very shortsighted, as those who died may well have lived for decades longer and died a natural death.
Just like with the flu then. The covid and flu vaccine are now for the same group of people.

Unless society is planning something really special. The only way that covid dodging will not be seen as frankly ridiculous by posterity is if flu has been banished, no such thing as a runny dose or dicky tummy the common cold becomes very uncommon. Holy cow was that a cough I heard in the distance. If that's how things turn out then covid would be remembered fearfully.
Being morbidly bored with flu & cold
eYe present this Lil Geo. Your for your Edumacation
Near Antarctica, you will find
Coronation Island
Delta Island
Omicron Island
Rothschild Island
... recently reported @ all news pipeline
$ um thing odd. ) A FULLY VAXXED Research station
..had a COVID [ covert Infectious disease*] outbreak.

* Although it's actually .C ertificate of V accination
I. D. ) ..eYe prefer my definition.

Extra credit. ) See DIVOC, @ logic before authority.
Chesney, they always were. Check out the infection and death rate for the seasonal flus. It's been extremely low. Covid has nearly eliminated their niche. That constitutes proof Covid is just a very bad flu; period.
A year ago well less than a tenth of the US population had been infected with covid . Now it is a fifth , still long way to go to affect total US death numbers with 1--2 % covid death rates . I also assume the incidence of flu was lower year ago because of lock downs , masks etc . There was a back log of dying to be done . NZ caught up last winter with our flu related deaths . So will the US . Careful for thumbs both on and under the scale as you heads of departments and politicians from both sides of the issue twist numbers to suit their rhetoric .
LOL unfortunately on italian news i will never see that sort of things coz the govt imposes to every news outlets not to tell vaccines aren't working...
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Which in the facts is lying to the public...

Oh well one more time what i say about capitalism and corrupted politicians its actually right...
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Yep good chunk of u folks believe u live in a democracy that isn't democracy but "dictatorship" called democracy...
And u are foolish enough to believe on that lie

hug cheers hug cheers hug
To y'all
Much would depend on the Specific Co-Morbidity(s).

If it's, say, some type of advanced, metastasized cancer -
Covid Might hasten death by a very short period of time -
Or perhaps Not At All - The person dies Of cancer & With Covid.

If it's, say, a combination of morbid obesity & diabetes -
Covid might more significantly shorten the person's life.

The Main takeaway from the Director's statement is that Covid ALONE kills significantly Fewer people than the raw Covid Deaths numbers suggest.
The "Covid Only" Mortality Rate (i.e. No Co-Morbidity(s) may be closer to that of, say, the seasonal flu.
This may be Especially true of Omicron.

People in a democracy (or Constitutional Republic, such as the US) are permitted to Select their Dictator from Two or More applicants for the job.

"If voting really mattered, they wouldn't let us do it."
- Attributed to Mark Twain

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Since i was 18 i voted very few times for political elections but i went to all that asked to the people to change something like keeping the water public property and had to be handled by public,or stop drilling holes on the planet to pull out oil and gas...
Even though it was mid summer a 36% of italians went to vote and that 36% voted to keep water public along with stop drilling for oil and gas..
But the Govt actually did the opposite for water coz EU said so..
As the oil well the govt kept giving permission coz oil companies good chunk from US kept promising jobs...

So based on what i said vote mean nothing to corrupted politicians and capitalists..


Only because most of those susceptible to dying from covid are already dead.

Covid kills whichever excuse you want to come up with, the reason of death is immaterial to the sufferer. The point being without covid that death may never have happened.
If the Co-Morbidity's stage four cancer/chemo/radiation - Death's GOING To Happen.
That'd be dying Of Cancer while Having Covid - Even IF Covid sped the end a bit.

Whatever -
Based on the Director's statement - It Still comes down to ...
If one has No - or Less Than Four - Co-Morbidities -
One's chances of Dying Of Covid are Lower than raw numbers Suggest.

Thinkin' otherwise is Debby Downer Negative ... moping

I wonder folks,if i can choose to be treated or not in the hospital when i have fatal injuries whats the point of doctors complaining about people dying on their hands coz they died for covid or other problems?

Where is the freedom of choice of doing whatever i want with my own life?
WTF seriously people are f*cking going out their water melons they have replacing their brains.......

wine wine wine wine wine
At least in the US -
Anyone of sound mind can refuse any medication/medical treatment.

I've turned down a few.

People afraid of dying will shorten their life, that is the real impact of fear.

Also fear leads to slavery.

Death is a natural part of life that may occur at any time.

The government and health authorities are using "fear of death" to enslave the general population.

Even 5 years old can see it but unfortunately, we have brainwashed grandmas and grandpas voting for the tyrannical leaders.
In italy a law like the one u have in US came out some 5/6 years ago...
doh doh doh doh doh

cheers cheers cheers
Ana - thumbs up ... laugh

I've SO Had that running conversation IRL with an Early Jab Enthusiast ... cheering
Now turned Booster Refusenik ... talk to hand

Care to admit i am still thinking very much so about getting the third shot...

Am i a Nut job?

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
thumbs up

"The best way to avoid death is not to have too great of an aversion to it."
- Kentaro Moto ... From the movie, "The Mysterious Mr. Moto"

Re my comment 'bout the erstwhile Jab Enthusiast turned Booster Refusenik -
Since within Two Weeks of the 2nd Jab, his legs are no longer functioning -
He's scheduled for pancreatic cancer surgery this coming Spring.

Almost Certainly, his life expectancy has been Shortened following The Jabs.
If so, will he die From The Jabs? ... Or With The Jabs? ... dunno

Then again without the inoculation, he may well have already died from covid.
Could be so, Riz. But maybe Not ...
He has a couple conditions that'd predispose him to a poor outcome -
Also a couple conditions that'd suggest a Good outcome.

He/We will never Know.
I have no idea the reason why he died for the jab or with the jab..
What i am certain of one day heard a cop talking to a guy on a tobacco shop i got too,and the cop was saying to the owner of the shop "few days ago on a car accident a man died,when ambulance arrived the cause of the death was written on the paper was for covid..."So based on what i just said and reported well i doubt very much all those deaths are actually antivax died for covid..
Still in my mind always a voice on the back of my head tell me trust very lil whatever come out the mouth of the officials of a country....
And reason is simple i know there are corrupted fackers in italy from the lowest level to the highest...

wine wine wine wine
CDC Director asked how many death are WITH Covid or FROM Covid?
Her Response ...

rolling on the floor laughing

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