Booster shot aquired!

A few weeks ago, I was sent a message by SSI or Statens Serum Institut, kind of like the CDC. Anyway, they offered me the booster shot, but I decided not to accept it, because I didn't see the need for it at that time. Then, the government went "In order to get a valid and updated covid passport, you need to be vaccinated and boosted", so I decided to get the booster shot. I booked an appointment for earlier today, and I went there straight after school.

The vaccination site was very quiet. I front of me was a young woman. I was next to go, after her. I went in, and before I got the shot, I told the employee, that I was taking medication for the infection in my tooth ache, and I wanted to hear, if it was safe to take the booster shot, or if I had to wait until I finished with the medication. A nurse came down, and I showed her the pills I was taking. She asked me if I was experiencing any fever, discomfort or anything like that. When I said no, the nurse was quite happy with recommending that I proceeded with the booster shot.

I was directed to the waiting area, where I had to sit for 15 minutes. When nothing major happened, I left and headed home.

So now I have been boosted. So far, nothing major to report, other than some soreness in my shoulder, but that's common after a vaccination. My infection in my jaw is also rapidly declining, which is fantastic! One of my treatments is done on Tuesday, and the other is done on Wednesday. I can finally see an end to the nightmare that I have been through! I can even eat normally again!


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HELLO. its very simple; you probably got a placebo / or saline solution.

check your batch number status for adverse OR non-reactions.

covers europe too.

no need to respond
Wise choice pal. Sadly, you'll never really know how much hassle the vaccine has spared you, otherwise you'd never hesitate again to have a jab.
I had covid once, back in in January 2021. I was so sick! I never want to be that sick again. Ever!
Indeed. A relative of mine had it and she was pretty sick with 104F fever for an entire week. We live in the same house and I didn't get it thanks to the vaccine.
We are all different in our health protocol $
..I got COV ID..[ not knowing it was COVID
& Beat the shit out of if by Fasting & distilled water & lemon. Had to work outside @ 110 F ..every day I had it...4 daze.
It was either that or lose customers as my pools turned green.
Btw.) All manner of great tutorial s on YouTube pertaining to teeth, gums & o*al hygiene..
1st step, get sum food grade hydrogen peroxide
Next step, aloe vera Juice
Baking soda...these are the makings of a great mouth wash...standby..). )..
And of course, we all agree that no aloa Verde, lemon or lime would do a thing to prevent or cure COVID.
Hey fun dum..
Wasn't talking to you
The aloe et Cetera is for o*al health.
Don't need any COVID B's...dun got it
Did in fact-- kick it-- just like Tom Hanks.
Ok, grandpa)
You calm( down now, yeah(?

Go get your booster airhead.
Well, (I did already quite a (while ago, actually.

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