News - Prosecution of Jan 6 rioters shifts to more serious

Over 300 witnesses have willingly testified before the special Jan 6 committee investigating the Capitol Riot.
With much of the less severe cases already prosecuted, there is now a upshift to the prosecution of more severe cases. For instance, 11 members of the right wing terrorists group, 'Oathkeepers' have been indicted and charged with conspiracy and sedition. A guilty finding will carry up to a 20 year prison sentence.

In addition the Jan 6 committee is now also focused on better confining the spread of lies on social media leading to to conspiracy and sedition.

Again with over 300 witnesses willingly testifying to the committee, they already have a lot of evidence, and a good understanding of most that went on. So, what will likely follow this phase will be the prosecution of those who conducted the most violence, and finally those who planned and inspired the attempt to overthrow the lawful transfer of presidential power with lies.

Yeah, for those who have been evading justice, the time left in their stall is closing in on them, including those, who have refused to testify, as part of a cover up. scold

Today from the Associated Press;
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They're prosecuting everyone other than the chief instigator. Wtf! SMH, SMH.
There are many indictments left yet to be unsealed. The big ones of the treasonous Insurrection leaders are yet to be seen, but they exist. Proud Boys evaded the simple conspiracy to trespass both by their emails and the boasts they had brought truck loads of assault rifles parked just outside the boundaries of Washington, DC. Possibly technically legal to possess (keep), but also indicative of an intent and willingness to do harm and kill if opposed by force of arms as they attempted to halt the lawfully mandated vote certification by any forceful means possible. Conspiracy and Sedition by definition.
As their 30 years of Federal[ prison surrounded by those of a skin color previous writings reveal a hatred of, their lips will no doubt grow looser and their memories clarify, so that they can provide evidence against higher ups not yet named in still Secret indictments and thereby reduce their own sentence.

Ken - excellent accurate assessment. thumbs up

Teddy - I understand. It can be frustrating until it comes down. But, in this type of situation, the big fish get fried the most, but they get it last, after all the evidence is discovered. Indeed, in the case of the orange scammer, he may be found guilty in Georgia, before his Jan. 6 trial takes place. That will just add more evidence of his guilt in the Jan 6 trial. Have patience, the wheels of justice are not quick, but they are thorough.
Teddy - I understand the frustration in waiting for justice to emerge. In a giant case like the insurrection, the stinkiest fish get fried the most, but it happens last, after almost all the usable evidence is discovered. Indeed, in the case of the orange scammer, it is likely, that he will be found guilty in his impending trial in Georgia, before the Jan 6 one takes place. That way, the additional evidence and guilty finding from that one will provide more support of his illegal intentions. While it can be frustrating, rest assured, that justice will be thoroughly done in the coming months.
Besides Hillary still roam free. Only when she is behind bars (will never happen)
would there be a theoretical chance they could try and lock up Trump (will also never happen).
There is one significant difference though: She is guilty, but he is innocent.
Both will walk free.
Draeg - If you go by the simplistic summary definition of sedition, I can understand thinking that it would be hard to prove. However if you look a lot more closely at the complete wording of the actual law, it is clear, that guilty will be the finding; "If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both."
Grands - It seems that you have been woefully misled by right wing extremist propoganda. Even the people persisting with the investigation of Hillary have admitted, that the reason they did so, was to reduce her popularity. They knew she was innocent of crime and they knew no charges would stick. Their sole reason for the charade was to weaken her support with the voters by creating doubt in the voters mind. This is completely different than the current sedition situation, where many convictions have already been decided, over 300 witnesses have testified, and the evidence is overwhelming. However, I can understand you being easily misled, if you subscribe to radical right wing propoganda. Since you don't live in the USA and don't have easy access to more factual US news sources, it's more common to have an imbalanced belief system.
Seditious conspiracy will be extremely hard to prove. Me thinks this is more for the media narrative - in an election year - more than anything else. None of the people charged even brought a firearm to The Capitol. Did they plan to overthrow government with cans of bearspray and some flagpoles? Pure desperation by the regime at a time when Biden's approval is underwater and Democrats prospects in the midterms are looking bleak (to say the least). So you'll have politicians and bought and paid for media desperately trying to sell the 'insurrection' narrative 24/7 to prop up the regime. But most people see it. This kind of persecution and targeting and propaganda is typical of despots who know the people don't see them as legitimate and resort to tactics of intimidation and persecution in order to try and hold on to power.

Chau - Normally it is hard to prove. But it was made exceptionally easy, because there is tons of video of the insurrection, hundreds of witnesses, and podcasts of the insurrectionists admitting their role in the insurrection. There is also phone records. There were essentially 3 levels of the insurrection. There was the clueless foot soldiers, who were duped by the sitting duck's lies. The sergeants, who used megaphones to shout instructions to the duped, urging them on (and had a boatload of guns awaiting in a boat on the Potomic), and the generals, who weren't at the site, but plotted the insurrection. All will receive justice for their involvement in the insurrection in which many police were injured with the available tools they used as weapons (fire extinguisher, flag poles, etc..)
Appropraate justice will be served to all in the coming months. Many of the least offenders already have been found guilty. Indeed, in many cases they have plead guilty. Some have flipped to become material witnesses in exchange for a decreased sentence, likely including at least one of the 'Oathkeepers'.
What news sources would you recommend me pay more attention to
if I was to say look them up at youtube,
for the most essential updates?
I watch some Fox news. They seem pretty grounded.
Is cnn or msnbc a better alternative in your view?
You do realise that no matter the amount of times you use the term 'insurrection', it still doesn't make it one, right? laugh A 2 hour riot (and a completely avoidable one at that - if Pelosi & Co had simply put the proper security in place) does not amount to 'insurrection'. Indeed the only people that died on the day were Trump supporters. One police officer died of natural causes post January 6th. Some other officers (4, i think) apparently committed suicide (though personally i find this hard to believe. I think it's possible people wanted them silenced.). I get it - some people have so attached themselves to the idea of fighting this big grand boogeyman that political and media figures are constantly trying to push - and so they'll go along with the insane narratives and refuse to speak up as an increasingly tyrannical government tramples all over people's rights. It's a choice. Stand up. Speak up. Or cower in fear and push the propaganda talking points being put out by the regime, in the misguided hope that they'll never come for you and yours.
I was listening to some talk show this am with Georgetown U Law Prof and a former US Attorney being interviewed about it. They were both agreeing that if a US Attorney felt comfortable enough about it to seek and get that indictment vs the usual CFR trespass many of the foot soldiers got, then that US Attorney and his bosses are pretty sure they have a rock solid case. The penalty if the 11 men are found guilty is up to 30 years prison for each. That;s a pretty good incentive to start naming names in the chain above them and agreeing to testify and provide evidence.

On a non-related front, Maxwell, J Epstein's sex partner and fellow exploiter of teenage girls who like money has, in an apparent bid to reduce her own jail time, has let her attorneys advise the US Prosecutor that she no longer sees a need to protect the identity of 6 John Doe friends of Epstein who partook of the girls offered to them. Innterestingly enough news reports today identified one of them as John Doe 115. I am like, durn, 115? To me that implies there may a whole bunch of future cases like Prince Andrew. A clear moral is if she is too young to be legal, keep it in your pants. LoL
Ken - I read an interesting article recently. The 'Oathkeepers' and 'Proud Boys' are not only being charged criminally, but are also being sued in civil cases also. The plan is not only to keep thmm behind bars for at least 20 years, but also to seize all their assets as well. That will be used for all the deaths, injuries and pain & suffering of the Capital police and restitution of the Capitol Building itself. The goal is to bankrupt the racist/seditionist organizations. Already membership is well down, as members are attempting to distance themselves from also being charged. This further monetarily harms the racist/seditionist organizations. This situation has been effective against several other racist organizations.
Grands - I can understand your error in thinking that FOX is a news station. They are not grounded. They are an "entertainment" network. Rather than presenting facts, as a responsible news source does, FOX questions the facts , with a series of questions about debunked alternatives to instill doubt of the facts in the viewers without answering the misleading questions. The viewer is left with doubts, rather than facts. If you want real reliable facts focus on actual very reliable newspapers like the New York Times and The Washington Post. They usually get things right and in the rare instances, that they don't, they correct it.
Thank you.
Well me I'm happy as long as I can see Glenn Greenwald
tell us what is really going on now and then and so far
he's been given that free voice at Fox Entertainment.
The Jan 6 committee rapidly moves even closer to the bottom feeding orange grouper. It issues subpoenas to his lawyers who spread lies, including Guiliani, Powell (the 'Cracken'), Jenna Ellis and others. Also, phone records obtained of calls made by Don Jr's fiance, Don's youngest son and Don jr.

From The Associated Press;
cheering for justice.
Many Voters Agree -

The House Investigation is perceived to be political grandstanding while Congress Ignores problems & Issues that are Really Affecting People.

This Blog demonstrates it -
It's been up for a Week and - with a few exceptions - It's the OP talking in a private echo chamber

Hell! Some number of folks are convinced it was Staged by 'Crats & Swamp Creatures to spin an Anti-Trump Narrative & push their Domestic Terrorism Agenda.

INCREDIBLY - The FBI's doing its Level Best to Reinforce that Perception ...

It doesn't even Matter if it's TRUE - Perception IS one's Reality ...
And folks Vote based what they Perceive to be Real.

This will backfire on 'Crats in this year's Mid-Term Elections ... BIGLY!

Chancer - "did they plan to overthrow the government with cans of bear spray and flagpoles ?"

No, they got into the capitol a lot easier than they planned.
They actually had 30 days of supplies, a drone, and a stockpile of arms and ammunition nearby.
But deemed it unnecessary, because they got inside surprisingly easy.

Today from Politico;

"It doesn't even Matter if it's TRUE - Perception IS one's Reality ...
And folks Vote based what they Perceive to be Real."

You seem to indicate, that the vote is more important than the truth. How odd.
Regardless, as more and more of the actual evidence is revealed, I would not be surprised, if more and more of the public begins to awaken to the truth, that Trump attempted to overthrow the Constitution and the legal transfer of power, which is sedition. Either way, a large number of the criminals will be prosecuted, convicted,
jailed and thoroughly bankrupt. It will not be forgotten, who supported the criminals. scold
O.P. Mate you believe what u fed.
and then you call us misinformed.
You need to open your mind, this is not what it seems to be.

Look at that Jimmy Dore video and learn something.
The House is a Legislative Body - NOT Judicial.
They can't actually Do Anything -
So it's arguable that the Motivation is Political Grandstanding ...
And 'Crats will pay for it At The Polls.

doh Wellll ... DUHHH!

Actually - It looks like they got in A Lot Easier ... AS PLANNED ...

A Security Breakdown by the Capitol Police would LEGITIMATELY be an issue to be addressed by Congress.

Have Any of y'all heard much 'bout a House Committee Investigating THAT??

Yeah. Me neither.

If it's NOT Political Grandstanding -
'Crats are doing a Helluva Fine Job creating that PERCEPTION.

About that Quest for TRUTH -

T'would appear Some Truth - i.e. The kind that's useful for Political Grandstanding -
Gets more Diligently Quested for (and Persistently Publicized) than Others ...
... MMmmm?? ... dunno

I may be mistaken -
But, as I recall, throughout Ol' Joe's address on 1/6/22 he used the words "Mob" or "Riot - Not "Insurgency" or "Insurrection".

Presumably, this was intentional & likely done on Legal Advice -
Wanting to avoid Defamation Suits -
Like when Ol' Joe implied Kyle Rittenhouse is a White Supremacist ... foot in mouth

If Insurrection or Insurgency were as Flagrant as our esteemed OP suggests -
Ol' Joe would've flung those terms out Every Other Sentence ... MINIMUM!

The hundreds of former Trump supporters, who tearfully confessed their guilt in the insurrection and are now convicted seem to be more reality based, than those, who somehow still think in some altered reality.
The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the prosecution, over the stalling of the orange fat cat. That's reality.
Apparently, some here are still in severe denial. Will they EVER admit being wrong ? Time will tell. Certainly, the wrongfully duped foot soldiers have. Either way, there's going to be a lot of convictions, jailing, and complete bankruptcies in the weeks that follow.
Sounds like it gives you a stiffie Bob, but it was a false flag operation.
A shame and stain on American history. No, not the way you think.
We will never agree here mate, but we can try to live peacefully side by side
even if our 'leaders' try to set us up against each other.
And that does not include Donald the redhead.
Ciao for now.
Actually a lot of the issues involving break downs in Capital security are indeed the subject of both House investigations and FBI investigations. One thing that has grown out of this is a future requirement for continued employment with the Capital Police is they all must pass background investigations for a Security Clearance. Only about a half dozen of them have one, and thise in the higher ranks. The average Capital Police Officer had nothing more than an arrest records check and a credit check. Both the House and the Senate Sergeant at Arms have agreed the time has come to change that.
It will be a slow process but best evidence makes it plain that over the years (partially due to the prior patronage system in which Congressmen and the Senators had the ability to arrange for the sons and daughters of campaign contributors to be hired with no prior experience, supplemented by about 10$ of the force having actual prior law enforcement experience with MPD, or the US Park Police. The end result was many officers were hired who should have never been just given postions of trust and the right to carry a firearm anywhere inside the US. It is overdue in my opinion. I helped create 2 different Federal Police agencies back in the 70s and 80s and all of our hires qualified for at least a Secret clearance and had periodic re-investigations periodically (some failed their re-investigations of course, because life happens and sometimes mistakes are made as the years and decades roll by). Initially a lot of the Capital Police will be required to qualify for a Confidential Clearance according to a paper I read, but even that, what is called a NAC/LAC BI is expected to create some vacancies which will be hard to fill quickly. There have been some resignations with that coming down the pike that have less to do with job stress than a certainty that troubling things will be unearthed so they getting out now to avoid that.
Meanwhile the FBI and the DoJ have stated they have their own investigations underway regarding the actions of some members of that force. Associations, FaceBook writings, known associates, emails, texts, etc. Facing 30 years I think it is safe to say the 11 arrested high rankers of Proud Boys will shed more light in their pre-trial negotiations.
It is safe to predict that the US Capital Police Force (unionized or not) will be a totally different agency 5 or 6 years down the road.
There is no question that a lot of the people who participated on January 6 had no knowledge of the totality of the coup attempt and it is sad many of them were duped into committing Federal crimes and assisting the coup organizers.
A corollary sidebar is the possession of some of the weapon types brought to the DC line and stashed in vehicles in Maryland is by itself a violation of Maryland law as pistol magazines that hold more than 10 rounds are prohibited in that state as are also many forms of AR. The Maryland Attorney General has also expressed an interest in following the investigation regarding possible violarions of Maryland's gun laws.
The former General Counsel of Proud Boys is now their current leader. Many members of Proud Boys paid $50 a year in membership dues. A recent hack of their ISP has made many of their records public along with the names and addresses, etc. of their members (both former and present) and also associate members and oontributors. The hackers put it all online in plain text.pdf. If you hunt for it (try 'Proud Boys' "Server hack") you can probably find it. So much for staying anonymous.
professor laugh
A followup, one thing that made the news this week is a proposal to make Capital Police a two tier agency, that is security guards and Police, instead of using trained Police Officers as parking garage and gym locker room and shower guards. It is highly probable some officers who may be 'uncomfortable' with being required to pass a full scope background investigation with polygraph will opt to just become one of the parking lot guards instead. Their Union has voiced objections to the plan of course. This is understood. The same thing happened at the Pentagon when their own police force went 2 tier. Salary cut and pension time were the big issues then. 20 year retirement versus 35 year retirement and a big cut in pay too. Allowing grandfathering the salary and keeping the old pension solved those issues. That was decades ago at the Pentagon and those who became guards retired years ago and were replaced by newly hired security guards. I would expect something similar to happen with the Capital Police.
Ken -

They might also establish Health requirements for the Capitol Police -
Physical & Psychiatric.

Shortly after 1/6, one Capitol Cop died (heart attack? stroke?) & two offed themselves.

I've mentioned this in IRL conversations -
Some Folks have suggested they were casualties of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

I've pointed out that dealing with a mob for 2-3 Hours IS stressful -
But not quite the same as, say ... Dealing with Two YEARS duty in Vietnam.

Other folks have suggested the stress on those Capitol Cops was FEAR that they'd be the Patsies who'd be held Responsible for Allowing events to be Staged for Photo Ops & the Political Advantage of the party of Madam Speaker.

Connecting the Capitol Police with the "Klan/Proud Boy" Mob is CLEARLY the point of the Commentary in this playlist that Most of y'all may not be allowed to View -

... Not here in this comment - And Not by trying to view it on YouTube.

It Cannot NORMALLY Even be Shared in Any Way - Such as posting it here ...
But there Are Ways ... wink ...

No Terrorism Here! ... Eh? The Hypocrisy boggles the mind."

See references to "Conspiracy Theories" ... wink ... in my comments above roll eyes

Those folks also note differences in 'Crat response to the 1/6 Trump Mob & the Riots of Summer of '20 - which involved certain 'Crat Voting Blocs.
They point out that the ONLY Cop in the Country who 'Crats hold up as a Hero -
Is the one who gunned down an unarmed woman ... applause

See Sen. Grassley's presentation in my comment above roll eyes

Using the bob word is clever - eYe will give you that.
But, Mr. Boom, that is where the cleverness stops.
...the Controlled media is $0 essential to all the
Magic unfolding in your face, Jim.
The yellow Journalism is not as potent as the TV...the alpha waves more addictive & painless. A 2 hour scrum of bad Crisis Acting...had 2 objectives.
To posit more fear porn in prep for the $cripted & false Inauguration ceremony to come.
To so disgrace Trumpenstein with yet another impeachment charade-- that a 2024 comeback is nullified.
There was a 3rd objective-- covered extensively @ Enterthestars.
Anyhoo, for the love of CSTEPFORD
NO COVID blogs ! ..NO policy blogs.
The Most Obvious Avatar Reincarnation ... EVER ... rolling on the floor laughing

Capital Police do, at time of hire, have to pass a physical twice, once at hire, and a second one at the FLETC (police academy).. An always present issue is what about 4, 10, or 18 years later. Enter their Union which has opposed mandatory separation for those with health issues. A new hire who can run a 5 minute mile when 21 might be a lot slower after 17 years sitting in a chair making sure only authorized persons have passes to go in the locker room of the gym while eating and snacking free food from the many (constant) buffets and parties held on Congressional and Senate grounds. There are few special units with mandatory PT, but if you tour the Capital Grounds you will see many officers who definitely qualify as obese and who don't do mandatory PT 3x a week. That is a problem in many PDs. Who patrols while your officer is in the gym? Do you pay salary for gym time?
Another issue is personality disorders. Some Federal agencies administer a Multiphasic Personality Test and have a genuine psychiatric professional do the evaluation and pass the individual before they get a badge and agun. Others don't. Congress has never mandated that. Frankly I think a lot of Congress and Senate (Presidents too) should have to take and pass one every time they run, but that is just me. Of course psychosis can develop at any time. Maybe it would be a good idea to have law enforcement officials take and pass such tests periodically, but no one does that I know of. The organization that I know of with periodic mental evaluations is the military Certain individuals with the capability to launch or detonate WMDs do have to periodically go through the process, but not the Presidents who can order their launch though. LoL
In government I have in the past been involved in efforts to remove from employment psychotic individuals with a badge and an issued gun. For those in Civil Service it is very hard. All you can do is offer the help or counseling. Legally they can refuse it all and you have to keep paying them and let them keep their guns until they do something wrong. Excepted Service positions such as FBI, Secret Service, it is easy. Whenever a boss wants to he just pulls the gun and gives them a choice. Get treated, or be fired. But even then, you have to wait untii there are clear articulatable symptoms.
I have worked violent demonstrations back in the days of the Iranian Students Union and their many violent clashes with US LEOs. Some occurred back to back for multiple days. Large mobs too. I don't recall any of the officers I worked with killing themselves right afterwards. Maybe some did, but I didn't hear about it. I have worked large anti war demonstrations toi but those were pretty peaceful for the most part with kids more interested in smoking marijuana in front of us (as if anyone actually gave a sh*t, LoL) than in actually fighting and bashing us on the head with fire extinguishers. The Iranian students carried clubs bats and would happily beat you with it, then wear your bloody shirt home as a trophy if they could..But none of us killed ourselves after those fights, so I don't know what happened with the 2 Capital Police that did. The other side of the coin is police and jail guards do kill themselves, a lot. It happens. If you can see the signs and pull their gun first that at least eliminates the lawsuit liability. Doesn't do a durn thing to stop the suicide though bcause this is America and everyone has 3 or 4 personal weapons, and there is always walk to a bus bar or train track and touch the copper plate while grounded, or just as one person I remember did, jump from an over pass in front of a speeding train. Splat. Pieces hundreds of feet away. Ewww.
I reckoned that to be the case.
What I said 'bout 'em needing Physical & Psych Requirements was tongue-in-cheek.

The Point I eventually made was that Morbid Dread of 'Crats throwing 'em under the bus for the 1/6 False Flag may've brought on one Capitol Cop's Heart Attack?/Stroke? -
... And driven Two Others to take their own lives.


Oh I agree with that. Especially for the officers that personally cooperated with those they were supposed to eject. Capital Police talk a lot about those deaths and the many resignations and how short handed they are this week, but not one word about how many they have fired since January 6. In my observation a few decades ago they used to simply fire about 30 - 40 a year, every year. Vack then it was an excepted agency with no Union. Back then they would fire someone if more than one Congress person didn't like them or if they had a coffee stain on their white shirts too often (some I knew back then kept clean shirts on post just in case that happened, LoL. But we haven't heard anything publicly about how many none voluntary separations have occurred since Jan 6 2021. Personally I suspect the officers who provided floor plans and directions to the protestors as to where to find people may be gone. On the other hand, why? Before the protest anyone who wanted a floor plan could call the House or Senate Architects and request one and have them sent to wherever. LoL Crazy stuff.
Wish I could edit typos here. :)
Oh I have that all the time Ken, no worries.
Thanks for insightful posts.

A call is SO Impersonal. So ... COLD cold

Meeting with Pols' Staffers is more Warm & Fuzzy...
group hug

Y'all should at least check out the Titles in the playlist...

What was being Said - And Shown - AT THE TIME ... I.E. ...
... Compared to What's come to light SINCE (See my comments above roll eyes ) -
Pretty much takes the "Theory" Outta Conspiracy Theory.

doh I mean ... Good Grief, Y'all!!

And Anyway -

They didn't Need floor plans of the Capitol, as the Route to be taken had been thoughtfully Cordoned Off and Capitol Police acted as Escorts ... While Taking Selfies!

@ 1:20 -
Note the INSURGENTS rolling on the floor laughing Obediently strolling the route Cordoned Off for them
Afterwards, of course, many of them were held - PRE-TRIAL! - in Solitary Confinement for Months 'til Prosecutors wrung out of 'em guilty pleas to Misdemeanor Charges such as Parading On Federal Property -
As described in the C&Ps provided by our esteemed OP.
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