Is it alright for a 3 to aim for a 9 and above?

There's certain things we are unwilling to compromise on. For instance, I don't compromise on looks. Although I've been consistently rated a 3, I date nobody unless she's at least an 8 or above. Can you imagine dating a 30 tonne woman? Or a bald one, say? I'm exaggerating on purpose to drive the point home.

Now, what is it you wouldn't compromise on? Status? Vaccine status? Wealth? Car? House?

Let me know.

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I can compromise toa certain degree about many things like is she has lots of piercing lots of tattoos,maybe a bit overweight a bit taller than me or shorter than me...

What i will never compromise ever about her mind,what i mean if i do not like the way she thinks and the people she hangs out with,lets say dangerous people like drug dealers...

By all means aim for a 9, but if you're a 3 the best you'll do is 5.5 with mental problems.

There won't be any true 9's looking to downgrade to a 3, they may settle for a 6 if you've got redeeming qualities.

Hope this helps.
There won't be any true 9's looking to downgrade to a 3, they may settle for a 6 if you've got redeeming qualities.

What are some of those redeeming qualities?

Wealth, a big schlong, drive an exotic sports car, connections in the movie industry.

All of those qualities, add social status and influence... A fat sweaty prince that's a 3 gets to root an 8 (at the time) call girl.

In fact, I'm having a tough time in the dating dept. I'm not just a 3 in the looks dept. but also in any other dept. Still, though, it's either a 9 in terms of looks or nothing. I refuse to settle for less. It's ok if she's got mental issues, however.

someone who has been to the universe --- of life and a good person--yep i would date teddybear
Why don't you just dim the lights down, mate? That way, a seven can easily turn into a nine. Trust me on that; I've been in my share of knock shops....
Or should I say a six, can easily turn into a nine, (if you get my meaning)...
By the way, thanks for your commentary on my vax blog.........thumbs up
To continue....I don't think that size matters when we are all s*xual beings.......
Your're most certainly welcome. handshake
Hm. Perhaps it's worth a go but there'll always be that nagging thought in one's mind. What I am sure of, is, that if there is no real physical attraction towards someone, it simply will not work imho. We'll see.
Depending on which dimension we're talking about here, I reckon. haha.
Er, your heading that says gay and your search factor says man seeking woman. That's not a question of compromise, that's just a bit puzzling?

Not hitting on you, I'm around a 5 myself, just curious.
Correct. Fixed. I was trying to acquire the super power of being gay, but all the tet you women display in your pictures is rather thwarting. uh oh
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