1/17/22 - U. S. Martin Luther King Day.

His "I Have A Dream" Speech - August 28, '63

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The CIA & FBI had a different dream.
@op you? and MLK? on the face of it a creepy association! Cannot imagine you marching back in the 60s 9r ever since for that.
Well, not exactly, this is by far not a statement of prejudice as Billy Graham also fits into the same narrative. Now, this is the 1960's when everything went south because the 3rd Secret of Fatima was
kept secret from the world...and many many many leaders, politicians were all anointed with the oils of satan......

It’s Time to Stop Beatifying Martin Luther King, Jr: JFK Files Expose Leader as s*xual Pervert

Anyone vaguely familiar with Martin Luther King, Jr. has known this for some time, but the newly released JFK files expose MLK as a s*xual pervert with actual documentation. It’s time for The Social Gospel Coalition, Russell Moore, and other evangelicals to stop beatifying this man as an evangelical leader to be admired. The Social Gospel Coalition has named its upcoming 2018 Cultural Marxism conference after the civil rights activist, in spite of the fact that King questioned the resurrection, doubted the Bible’s miracles, and held to what anyone might rightly call theological liberalism. Regardless of being strongly partnered with Communists and preaching the false gospel of Rauschenbuschism, the Evangelical Intelligentsia regularly invokes his name as a saint in that great cloud of witnesses.


put the E in s*xual
Séxual ... grin

It's political correctness gone right. Proof of just how much the left won the culture war in the west, and we're doing really well.
MLK Day: Monday: Hal Sparks Mornings Megaworldwide

If I Must Say, Comedian Hal Sparks is intellectually brilliant, and today is MLK day.. smile

Enjoy.. wave
One needn't be a Leftist/Marxist to appreciate Dr. King's dream of people being "... judged by the Content of their Character rather than the Color of their Skin".

Very much to the Contrary -
I cannot understand how Leftists can reconcile King's message of judging the Character of INDIVIDUALS with their concepts of Identity Politics & Critical Race Theory -
Which judge GROUPS Of People to be Oppressors or Victims based Solely on Skin Color, Gender, Séxual Orientation & other such divisions.

King's message is one of Classic Liberalism ...
... And, as Rubin observes, Liberalism has now become a Conservative Value -
As opposed to the Identity Politics/Victimhood Olympics of the "Illiberal, Regressive, Bigoteer, Control LEFT".

@ miclee

One needn't be a Leftist/Marxist to appreciate Dr. King's dream of people being "... judged by the Content of their Character rather than the Color of their Skin".

Seems the only line from Martin Luther King's speech that you rightists can remember. And Dave Rubin Is Just Another Clickbait Dumb*ss..

Many republicans I know are beside themselves over the state of their party, crossing the line for the first time in their lives in 2020 to vote for democrat Joe Biden, because of the content of Donald Trump's character..

Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Happy Birthday - Stevie Wonder

You know it doesn't make much sense
There ought to be a law against
Anyone who takes offense
At a day in your celebration
'Cause we all know in our minds
That there ought to be a time
That we can set aside
To show just how much we love you
And I'm sure you would agree
What could fit more perfectly
Than to have a world party on the day you came to be.. -Stevie Wonder. Happy Birthday

... And Leftists/Marxists Forget All of the speech, segregate folks according to White Supremacist Oppressors & Pathetic Hapless Li'l Brown People Victimgroups in order to pit the groups against one another.

It's difficult to say if that's more offensive to the "White Supremacists" or the "Pathetic Li'l Brown Victims".

Whatever -
The Left's Critical RACE Theory is a just rehash of Marxist Critical Theory -
Originally used to pit Classes against one another.
That didn't work in the US - The "Downtrodden" are too well off -
So they reworked it into Race Baiting -
Telling minorities they're helpless victims, always Will Be & need Handouts.

In the process, they've thrown King & his Dream under the bus.
If they thought they could get away with it -
They'd denounce him as a White Supremacist With A Tan, Cancel MLK Day, Memory Hole him & keep minorities in their Place - The 'Crat Plantation ...

Listen to Her & See the Malcolm X quotes beginning @ 6:25 ...
... In retrospect, what Malcolm X said sounds Astonishingly Prophetic -
As relevant Now as when he said it - If not, more so.

He was Silenced Forever two days later & three years before King - Coincidence?

BUT ... The parties have Switched & 'Crats are No Longer Racists - Right?

Wellll ...
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Those are the top 10 richest f**kers that are actually ruining the world in every possible way.
While those a.s.s. hats have gained plenty of billions in the last 2 years some 160 million of people world wide have reached poverty the real one.
Yep all for the convenience of very few that want to stick it up ur butt for their own benefits,along with telling u what u have to think an when u have to think it...

Concluding Capitalism should be outlawed and punished with death penalty...
If in your brain you cannot understand the WHY,well i'm very sorry for you,along adding globalization is onlt for the benefit of those top 10 very rich capitalist...
Hmmm coming to mind most of those if not all come from the US...
Yep i really have no love for the fake beliefs coming from the US..
That but its only my opinion whether any of you like it or not...
This isn't a Political Blog & we'll Not be taken down that Rabbit Hole.

But since The Don vs Ol' Joe came up & this was posted Hours ago -
On the cusp of One Year of POTUS Ol' Joe - I'll address it ... Once.

Sooo ... Electing ... wink ... a senile, sleazy three time Loser ...
How's that Workin' Out ... MMmmm?
Maybe a "Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Time" ...
Mind Y'all - That's from a COMMIE NEWS NETWORK (CNN) Talking Head!!! ... shock

Nothing ever happens for coincidence...
Though people still believe in coincidences....
doh doh doh doh doh doh

Specially if people that want to change actually things is dead...

Yep Capitalism and Corruption...
Tragically, we've Utterly Failed to pass along Dr. King's message of Non-Violence


MLK. Bloody legend.

As for Sleepy Joe and his wet dreams........the less said the better
CS: Many had that 'dream' long before Martin spouted it out.
True that, lookn.

What set MLK apart - & what caused him to become so lionized - is that he strove to achieve his aims by Non-Violent Means, such as were used by Mahatma Gandhi in India.

Sadly, that aspect of his work has been Lost in modern protest movements.
See my comment to that effect above roll eyes

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