These past 20 weeks has led to this!

Back on August 16 2021, I had my first day at school. My first day learning about a new field. Since then, I have made good friends, had some fun times and made some even better memories. I have been doing two different types of work experience, which I have both learned so much during. I have learned rules about safety, techniques surrounding securing loads to trailers, how to rig stuff properly and how to stow things inside a truck.

I have earned four certificates: First aid, forklift, ADR and van. I have won competitions, passed exams and made some pretty good assignments. I have endured good and bad times.

I have just been super happy about what I chose to do, and it has shown me, what I want to do for the rest of my working life.

Why am I summarizing it like this? Because tomorrow, at 8 am, I will have my final test, to see if I have learned anything. If I can continue with the education.

Tomorrow is my basic course exam. Am I nervous? A bit. Am I excited? Absolutely! I have my preferred thing to be examined in: Stowing. Mainly because it's the easiest one, but also because it directly corresponds to the area I am going to be educated in: The moving business.

You see, earlier today, I secured not one, but TWO possible apprenticeships, both at international movers. IF I pick stowing tomorrow, and IF I get an apprenticeship as a mover, I will be in a VERY good position! But that is all for tomorrow.

Right now, I need to brush up on certain things. I need to look a bit on route planning, but that's not going to be too hard.

Tomorrow, I will update you on how things went. If I passed or failed, and what I picked.
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If I had half of your motivation 30 years ago I would have probably been a retired business owner. Part of being motivated to do anything you have to believe in it strong enough to make it happen. Maybe your success will motivate others here to do more with their lives than posting useless political and failed relationship blogs. professor
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