I'm that girl

I'm that girl that always has a smile on her face, even if she's diein on the inside.
I'm that girl that prolly drinks too much, jus so it's easier to hide how I'm really feelin.
I'm that girl that is very bipolar. I snap in an sec. if you drink the last soda, yet the next day will spend my last fifty cents jus to buy you another one.
I'm that girl that too often than not makes no sense at all.
I'm that girl that will push you away, then be mad when your gone.
I'm that girl thats pretty much a single mom thats tryin so f*ckin hard to hold on to my sanity. somehow it still gets lost.
I'm that girl that hates to sleep alone.
I'm that girl thats scared to be alone, but freaked out by most people.
I'm that girl that says "do as I say, not as I do" cuz trust me the road I'm on isn't a path that you wanna travel.unless self destruction is what your seeking.
I'm that girl that loves life but can't wait for it to end.
I'm that girl that walked away from the only man that truely actually loved me cuz I had to go find myself, only to find that I'm f*ckin lost.
I'm that girl that you'll prolly try to take advantage of, an sad to admit some of you will prolly succede.
I'm that girl that really doesn't care what you f*ckin think, cuz it's not like you would care how it makes me feel.
I'm that girl that prolly don't give a f*ck about you, or have any interest in findin out who you are.
I'm that girl that knows pretty much everyone, yet can count her real friends on one hand.
I'm that girl that would do almost anything an everything for my real freinds.
I'm that girl thats prolly one of the most f*cked up individuels you will prolly ever meet, but youll never really see that cuz thats somethin to most I'll never show.
I'm that girl that sets an tries to picture where shell be at in 20 years, yet for some reason I don't see me lastin that long.
I'm that girl that laughs when you say I'm goin to hell, I don't believe in orginized religion an I don't believe in your god.
I"m that girl youll try so hard to figure out, an all the while I'm tryin jus as hard to change everything I am .
I'm that girl that never cries, or at least will never show them tears to you.
I'm that girl lookin for love, altho doesn't believe in it.
I'm that girl that doesn't hate anyone at all, hating you would involve to much feeling an if I really dislike you that much then I'm not gonna waste that much energy on you.
I'm that girl that more often than not only really hates herself.
I'm that girl that completly believes in Karma, an has learned jus in the past month that it is truely a b*tch!
I'm that girl that will prolly hurt your feelings, an prolly not care.
I'm that girl that kinda enjoys bein a f*ck up, as sad as it may sound.
I'm that girl that really misses her dad, an still talks about him like he's jus out of town.
I'm that girl that really wants to run far away, jus to see if I'll truely miss anything.
I'm that girl that has to stop thinkin so much
I'm that girl that has to stop believin in what people say
I'm that girl that once heard from a very wise man "people are put here on earth to hurt one another, we're people this is what we do"

*****Courtney Motley******
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Are you that girl for real?
yep, the one an only head banger
Strange....While I was reading this, I pictured my EX to a tee...I'm thinking, you think too much about the little things, and miss out on the good things. While I try not to judge or assume what other people think or choose to do, because it is their own personal affairs, I think you should appreciate what you have, and what you could have with the right man. That man would be understanding of your deep thoughts, and appreciate you for who you are. He would be patient with you above all :-) But, I'm not judging you comfort
I'm right there with you girl. I think all of us women are that girl in some way, shape, or form. We may not all have everything on the list, but can definately relate to most of it and can go through it like a checklist making our marks.
Its like that for all of us, born alone, die alone and all the shit we make in-between tomorrows karma!
Refuge in the three jewels B...D...and Sanga only way i found...
Hi Ginger-

I think your that girl that "prolly" needs to learn how to spell PROBABLY! doh
-Drea111- I think you need to realize that you are no longer in high school, and your attempt of putting me down to, I guess maybe make you feel better about yourself, really only makes you look pathetic. but I thank you for your comment.laugh
Ginger.... This is an exceptional piece of writing... The feelings you convey with your thoughts is superb... very well done... You have a gift.... best of luck with it... wine

Sometimes people get caught up from time to time of being a bit too critical of people, defaulting too much to the negative... I think your comment was alittle too provoking, and spoke nothing about the quality of the image projected with her writing.... This made your comment abit too personal, as was exhibited by her reaction... Perhaps, when critiquing you could give a positive comment as well, if you are trying to be instructional on the negative... Please be considerate of this womans feelings..... I am sure you would wish the same consideration for yourself...

While Ginger may have her dialect inserted into her writing, it in fact lends an air of authenticity and sincerity to her words that might not have the same real impact as a polished piece...she is a deep and well thought out person... I think she deserves praise for the portrait she painted with her words....... JMO
wow, thank you very much for your words. I really do appreciate your positive opinoins. I also like the way you refer to my writing as un-polished, cuz thats how all famous minds begin. thank you very muchkiss
hello that girl
lots of love for u honey u are so powerful
like the new pic have a taco .
just be the right girl
lol; I agree; Ginger, learn to spell. Also, you say you don't believe in what people say? Take responsibility and stop being so arrogant and start learning how to pick the right people to listen to. It's easy being a victim when in reality we have the choice on who we sleep with, who we have kids with, and the things we do.

You don't care about anyone's feelings? wow; you have a lot of growing up to do and time to realize it's not all about you. I've never heard a more depressing and negative mindset. Very sad.
LOL; positive opinions? wow; some of you sound so pathetic and miserable; you write this long negative poem, and if someone agrees with you then you thank them for their positivity? lol; unreal.
Mr. Mjames, I can safely say that I don't think you will ever have to worry about someone thanking you for your positivity. giggle
Hi Ginger-

Thank you for reminding me I am no longer in High School…I guess maybe I felt like I was again after reading..…? I was merely giving my honest opinion, and if you were offended I apologize.

Mr. Easy Writer- If you enjoyed the piece, I understand, however I would not consider this a “dialect” but more so just an abundant overuse of slang. Also, to say this was an “exceptional” piece seems a little over the top. If I must give constructive criticism, I would say writing with excessive slang actually detracts from the message, which is why I made the comment I did. I’m sure she is an intelligent girl, or deep, or whatever you indicated, but I must admit I definitely would not have known that from reading above.
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