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Hello again to those who like to read these blogs. I am James and I will be fulfilling your curiosity for the moment. I have been a member for this site for about 2 months now. I still have not found a date or even a friend request, lol. I am hopeful tho. When I do find someone to share my adventures with I imagine she will be awesome. I do not want to consider settling for what I can get, I know I will find the best. I know what I like from life and I wish I had that someone to share it with. You know what you want out of life... I am sure others have told you "you deserve to be happy". If you think I could make you happy and you live close or want to come visit florida, send me a message. I am not asking for a fling, I want a friend. Friends are important and people should have more friends to talk to and listen to, not more friend to "sleep" with. Also if you just want to chat or comment on my comments please feel free I havent deleted any so far from my other blogs.
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The right one is out there for you, as the saying goes, 'good things come to those who wait'. Good luck!
wish u the best...cheers im on here only looking for friendzz and found alot of good pplzzzz.....applause friends are the foremost important prior to any relationship...hug dancing

take carezzzzzzzzzzzz
smitten alwayzzzzzz
hey...i agree with u, friends to talk and listen too is important..
and here im applying to be your friend even im not live close to you.. yay teddybear gift dancing wine .........

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