How to mess up your career as a mover, plus a new thing I have to learn.

It's been a while, but I have been busy with school and work. Monday and Tuesday were spent with school, while Wednesday was spent at work. I went to school again Thursday, and back to work again on Friday. Let's talk about the work first, shall we?

I was going to a place in the Northern part of Sjælland. We were tasked with moving tables, chairs, drawers and shelving units down from the first floor to the ground floor. No biggie! I assumed it was going to be quick and easy.

Oh how wrong I was.. How very wrong I was! Each table weighed a hefty 98 kilos, or 216 lbs. 52 of those tables were going to be pulled down to the ground floor, down a stairwell and into a room, to be lined up, ready for moving next week. My energy level was low! I went to bed at 9.30 pm.

Fast forward to Friday. I was up at the same location again, but this time, the tables were a LOT lighter, plus t hey had wheels on them, so we could just push them around. We had two floors to do, and we started with the ground floor. After about three hours, we were done, so we moved up to the first floor. It's here the first part of this blog's title comes into play. We had one other person with us, form an external company. At one point, one of my colleagues asked the external employee, if the safety shoes he was wearing, was a pair he found at the location, or if it was his own. He replied, that he found them here. He was then told to leave them, as they were brand new and not something to be taken without any permission.

Lunch came, and we headed out, except the external worker. He elected to stay back and eat, which was fine. After about fifteen minutes, he called one of my colleagues, and told him he had been phoned by his doctor, so he had to leave quickly. When we got back, the safety shoes, he was told to put back, were missing.

"Why the big deal?", some of you might ask? Well.. The shoes in question were Nike Airtox shoes, worth a fortune. He told us, that he put the shoes back, but we were unable to find them. Therefore, it's safe to assume he stole them. If you need an example of how to mess up your career as a mover, steal some brand new Airtox shoes from a client.

An absolute idiot!

Now that work has been written about, what happened on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday? And what am I going to have to learn? Well, you see.. I am currently getting my driving license. Monday and Tuesday were spent on theory, and Thursday was spent in a practice yard next to Copenhagen Airport. I had three hours there, where I learned a few maneuvers, among them were a three point turn and parking in a booth. I also had to do some figure 8, both forwards and reverse.

Next week I will have my very first drive on public roads.. I am nervous. Very nervous. But hopefully things will go well!
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